Running a blog has become pretty common these days with the rise of social media and native advertising. Blogging is a great way to express your personal style, opinion, or even specialized knowledge that you want to share with the world, all through an easy to manage channel. Here at Henkaa, we’re always on the lookout for up and coming bloggers to follow who can educate us about new and inspiring things in the world. Here is our list of our 6 favourite bloggers that you should definitely take a minute to check out!

A Side of Vogue


Formerly named “Haute,” A Side of Vogue is the creation of Victoria Simpson, a Toronto-native fashion and lifestyle blogger that gives great advice on everything from outfit inspo, to the coolest places to travel to. I personally really like her “Noteworthy Links” section where she sums up her favourite internet finds in a short and sweet little package. It features life advice, fashion finds, and funny pictures among a whole slew of other noteworthy things.

Victoria’s style is preppy and sophisticated and incorporates a lot of fun colors, textures, and patterns to create some unique, eye catching outfits. If you love Kate Spade, you’ll love A Side of Vogue too!

My Curves & Curls


Patiently waiting for #Spring. #tbt #psblogger #canadianblogger #ootd

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Assa is a wife and mother of two, AND on top of that she runs her own blog where she shares her fashion, beauty, hair, thrifting, and style tips. Yep, she’s one busy woman, and she’s killing it! I’m so in love with Assa’s style. Her outfits go anywhere from super preppy, to totally funky, and I love all of the colors she incorporates to add a little punch to the outfit.

Assa features a lot of great ideas that embrace a curvy figure and are both fashionable and flattering! Check out her blog for some fun fashion inspo.

Killer Kurves


This self-proclaimed plus size fashion addict started her blog, Killer Kurves, after getting overwhelmed by the amount of women who would stop her on the street to ask her where she got her outfit. Killer Kurves is a great resource for plus size fashion inspiration as Karyn, the brains behind it all, has made it her main focus to highlight her favourite plus size clothing lines and designers.

You can also check out the Plus Size Directory on the blog which lists several plus size fashion retailers around the world that are kurve approved. It’s a great tool to have if you’re looking to expand your shopping territory and are looking for something tried and true. Make sure to check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

And Then We Saved


Anna Newell Jones, the founder of And Then We Saved, started her blog to hold herself more accountable throughout her journey of escaping all of the debt she owed. After eliminating her debt, Anna is now on a mission to help others cut down their spending, shop smart, and ultimately eliminate their debt as well.

This budget-savvy blogger features some super cool ideas to save money wherever possible, whether it’s cutting down on shopping, shopping smarter for your groceries, or even getting over the social aspect of living on a budget. And Then We Saved is a great blog for anyone looking to cut spending and save money, or even anyone who is trying to adapt to a minimal lifestyle. There’s tons of useful information to sift through, so make sure to stop by and get your budget in check while you’re there!

Ava Grace’s Closet


When you spot matching @joefresh turtlenecks on crazy sale. #mommyandme #matchymatchy #mygirl

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This super cute mommy blog offers awesome fashion and lifestyle advice for mamas and their little ones. Susan, the founder of the blog, features her daughters’ outfit in a “What She Wore” section where other moms and their daughters can look for inspiration for their own look. There’s a lot of great reads on there including how to inject life into forgotten pieces in your wardrobe, outfit inspiration, and some super cute pictures of her little kiddies!

Did you take in the picture of Susan and her daughter in matching outfits? I’m convinced that it might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, how cute is that? If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring mommy blog, Ava Grace’s Closet might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure to check it out!

Sandpaper Kisses


This North Carolina blogger has a passion for fashion and shares outfit inspiration, on a budget! You can check out Nout’s monthly limits that she’s given herself and how she managed to find cute, flattering clothes while sticking to her budget. Nout’s style is preppy, thrifty, and simple. She embraces curvy fashion and serves up some awesome fashion inspo. Check her out!

Did we miss anyone? Let us know! Share your favourite bloggers with us, we love being social.