Written by Madeleine Villa.
Our Henkaa Sakura Midi Convertible Dress is one of our bestselling infinity dresses and for great reason, it’s affordable, can be styled in over 60 ways, packs down to the size of a water bottle, is wrinkle-resistant, AND machine washable… Need we say more? Whether your’s was originally purchased as a bridesmaid dress, or as a great capsule wardrobe addition - we have some new ways to wear it for this summer heat! 
Pull that Henkaa Sakura Midi Convertible Dress out of your closet we have the summer inspiration you need! 

Brunch With the Girls
Kate Maranduik wearing the Henkaa Sakura Midi Convertible Dress in Dusty Rose. She's wearing it in a strapless style with a sheer blue button up top over it.
For this look, Kate styled her Dusty Rose Sakura Midi in a modified Love strapless style where she started with the waistband over her bust to shorten the dress. She then added a sheer button-up blouse over top in a complementary hue. She kept the blouse unbuttoned and open, opting to tie a square knot using the shirt ends to highlight her waist.
Kate Maranduik wearing the Henkaa Sakura Midi infinity dress in Dusty Rose. She is wearing it in a strapless style with a sheer blouse over top.
To finish the look she added a pair of comfy heels and a small straw clutch for just the essentials! Don’t have a sheer blouse? Don’t worry try using a chambray shirt or any other button-up you have! 

 Out and About!
Kate Maranduik wearing the Henkaa Sakura Midi in Dusty Rose as a skirt with a floral silk camisole and white Converse sneakers.
Running errands shouldn’t mean wearing your same old jeans and tee (although, sometimes the classics will do), try switching it up by wearing your Sakura Midi as the perfect knee-length skirt! Simply choose where you would like your waistband to sit and wrap the straps around the waistband, finish by tying a square knot in the front or back to achieve your desired look! 
Henkaa Sakura Midi Convertible Dress tied as a skirt on Henkaa staff member Kate Maranduik.
Kate finished the look by pairing the skirt with a sweet floral camisole and favourite white Converse sneakers. This look is elevated and still totally comfortable for those days when you really just need to get things done!

 A Night Out
Henkaa Sakura Midi infinity dress worn in the Kate with straps style which features a strapless look with straps to cover a regular bra.
Take your Sakura Midi from day to night. With over 60 ways to wear this dress, it’s simply about choosing a style you feel most comfortable in. The Kate With Straps Style is Kate’s go-to… Are you surprised? This style is perfect because you can wear a regular bra with it!
Dusty Rose Henkaa Sakura Midi Convertible Dress worn in the Kate With Straps Style perfect for a night out!
Kate finished the look with her favourite pair of heels and a small purse. Pro tip: when you are bringing the staps back over for the bodice detail twist the straps around each other once to get the same look as Kate! 
Which look was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.