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It's February, which means it's about time to escape the bitter cold of winter. There’s nothing as luxurious as hopping onto a beautiful cruise ship and sailing around the Caribbean. With endless activities like formal dinners, day trips to tropical islands, and adventurous excursions packing can seem a bit intimidating, but don't worry we have the perfect cruise packing list for you!

A Few Tips for Your Cruise Packing List

So you’ve booked that long-awaited and well-deserved vacation. As the big day approaches, packing your luggage can become a rather cumbersome endeavor and get the best of you. We at Henkaa are big fans of light and efficient packing. You’re about to find out our secrets for putting together a cruise packing list.

Henkaa convertible dresses are perfect for your cruise packing list because they pack small, are machine washable and wrinkle free.

Try to pack a mix of basics and convertible dresses, tops and other infinity clothing items so that you can pack light. Just remember these tips:

– Pick a colour scheme (we chose colours from the printed item and made sure every piece matched)

– Make sure items are all versatile and easy to layer

– Bring wrinkle-resistant clothes

– Choose comfortable footwear

– Wear all heavy clothes at the airport

Check Out These Real Looks

Hey, it's me, Madeleine! I'm going on a Caribbean cruise soon and wanted to show you some ways I want to incorporate Henkaa products into my cruise packing list. I plan on bringing a Dusty Blue Sakura wrap dress in midi length and a Hana maxi floral convertible skirt overlay along with my own must-have summer pieces like my bodysuit. Here are four ways I plan on wearing Henkaa during my seven-day cruise!

 1. For the Excursion

One of the greatest parts about the Sakura convertible wrap dress in midi length is that it can easily be turned into a skirt. When I'm exploring the gorgeous tropical islands I want to wear something that is comfortable but still cute for photos! I have wrapped my Sakura Midi as a skirt which is perfect because it hits at the knee - meaning wind or activity won't be an issue!

Cruise packing list must-have: Woman wearing white bodysuit with Dusty Blue Henkaa Sakura Midi infinity dress as a skirt. She is also holding a trendy straw bag and wearing a gold necklace.

I have paired it with a simple white bodysuit and accessorized with some jewellery and favourite vintage '60s raffia straw bag! I know there will be a few excursions where we will be spending lots of time on the beach, so I fully intend to switch out the bodysuit for a one-piece bathing suit.

2. For The Nightlife

For the late nights at the nightclubs, bars and casinos, I plan on wearing the Dusty Blue Sakura Midi as a flirty dress. I love the off-the-shoulder trend and plan on styling it in the Esmeralda Style. 

Cruise packing list must-have: Woman wearing Henkaa Dusty Blue Sakura Midi in a trendy off-the-shoulder style perfect for going out on the town.

Here’s a bonus tip for you ladies who aren’t afraid to show some skin. To make the skirt shorter I tucked some of the skirt under the waistband to keep it light and flirty. I finished the look with silver jewellery, black heels, and a matching purse.


2. For The Captain's Dinner

The Captain's dinner is a time to get dressed up. For this occasion, I would style my Sakura Midi Convertible Dress in the Liza Style, a front knot halter style. This style looks more elevated than others and I like that I can really control the fit to give me a better lift.

Cruise packing list must-have: Women with black hair wearing Henkaa Sakura Midi Dusty Blue infinity dress with Henkaa Chiffon convertible overlay in Citrus Floral on top.

To take the look up a notch I would pair the Hana Maxi Floral Convertible Skirt Overlay on top of my Sakura Midi. This instantly turns my knee-length dress into a gorgeous maxi dress while still being light and airy. To finish the look I threw on a pair of heels, statement earrings, and my black purse.

4. For Lounging By the Pool

When I'm by the pool I have no intention of focusing on anything but getting a tan and relaxing. However, if I plan on grabbing lunch or perhaps a drink, I'd like some easy coverage. 

Cruise packing list must-have: Woman wearing powder blue one-piece bathing suit with Henkaa Citrus Floral Hana chiffon convertible overlay on top.

Throwing on my patterned Hana Convertible Overlay in Citrus Floral is perfect because it adds some coverage while still looking completely appropriate for lounging by the pool. I tucked the end of the skirt into my waistband to give me a sneaky side slit -perfect to keep from tripping on it in my bare feet!

Need More Outfit Inspiration for Your Cruise Packing List?

Below are all the major activities that you can come across on a cruise vacation; just pick your own favourite colour palette and make sure to pack plenty of accessories to make every outfit unique. Remember, an efficient cruise packing list doesn’t need to be dull!

What to include into your cruise packing list using a Henkaa Sakura Midi dress, Henkaa infinity scarf and Hana chiffon convertible overlay.

What to pack for a cruise

Sakura Convertible Wrap Dress Midi Length
Hana Maxi Chiffon Overlay
Infinity Scarf
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of shorts
1 jacket
3 tops
2 swimsuits
2 pairs of shoes

What colour scheme would you choose for a cruise vacation? Do you think you could survive with just these basics?

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