Henkaa Convertible Infinity Dresses

Henkaa Convertible Infinity Dresses

We design size-flexible convertible dresses & tops that you can re-wear and re-mix into 10 or more different outfits. The dress that started it all is our bestselling Sakura Infinity Dress - and it can be worn in 21+ ways!

How does it work?

Create endless options in 3 easy steps

1. Choose

Henkaa Convertible Infinity Dresses

Pick a dress or top that's right for you

2. Style

Henkaa Sakura Convertible Infinity Dress in Mauve Taupe and Dusty Rose

Learn how to wrap it to suit your style

3. Accessorize 

Henkaa Brooch Accessory for Convertible Infinity Dresses

Make it uniquely you for any occasion

Stress Less. Celebrate More.

Explore the possibilities

All you need are a few key pieces in your closet you can always count on. Like a special occasion dress that fits today, six months or years from now. Wear it differently for many occasions - from casual to dressy - and express your personal, unique style.

Why Henkaa?

Our values

  • EMPOWERMENT: We empower women and girls to look and feel good on their own terms
  • INCLUSIVITY: We're making the fashion space more inclusive with size flexible clothing and include diverse women in our campaigns
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We're creating less waste with convertible clothing that can be worn for multiple occasions - 1 dress = 10 in your closet

Henkaa's Best

Featured products

Our most requested dresses can be wrapped into different necklines and types of dress to suit your lifestyle, personal style or trends of the moment. 

You don't need to change to keep up with fashion - your fashion can change with you.

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