Which Convertible Dress is the Best? Your Henkaa Dress Guide [2024]

We're all searching for ways to look and feel good in our clothes without the stress, and you might have heard that convertible dresses can help with that! But what exactly is a convertible dress, what should you look for when buying one, and which one should you get? So many choices, so little time, am I right? Learn more in this comprehensive guide to convertible dresses, find out more about Henkaa's convertible dress collection, and figure out which convertible dress is best for you! 

TL;DR Take our dress quiz and find out the best convertible dress for you in under two minutes - and get a special perk from us too!

What is a convertible dress, anyway?

Convertible dresses are just that - convertible! They can transform into something entirely different than what you thought at first glance. Similar to a convertible car that can transform from having its roof on or off, a convertible dress has the ability to change from a halter neck to a one-shoulder style or a strapless dress.

Unlike a convertible car, which may be impractical and expensive for most people, a convertible dress is neither of those things. Convertible dresses are truly one of the best kept secrets that can elevate your closet and style game! This is because you can rewear them with different necklines for multiple events, making these dresses both practical and cherished investment pieces with a low cost per wear.

It is like having a no-fuss uniform that you or your group (more on that later!) can customize for any social occasion, speaking gig, performance, or life stage.

Did you know? Convertible dresses are also known as infinity dresses, multiway wrap dresses or transformer dresses. 

What should you look for when buying a convertible dress?

We get it, there's A LOT of noise out there. Not all convertible dresses are the same, nor are they created equal. Be sure to look out for these key factors when looking for a dress for you or your group:

1. Fabric content: high quality four-way stretch knit fabric is key to ensure a flattering convertible dress fit for different body types. Although all Henkaa dresses are made from four-way stretch knit fabrics, some others may be made with two-way stretch knit fabrics or woven fabrics, which typically have lower stretch qualities.

What you need to know:

  • Four-way stretch knit fabric stretches both vertically and horizontally, which means the fabric will adjust to your figure, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit for different body types - plus it's the best choice for a size-flexible garment that adjusts to natural fluctuations in body size
  • Two-way stretch knit fabric only stretches in ONE direction, limiting its versatility and adaptability when compared to four-way stretch fabric
  • Woven fabric does not always stretch, and when it does, it is not very much, which makes it less flexible. A dress made from this type of fabric would be limited to traditional sizing, reducing its versatility for long-term use

2. Sizing: Extended sizes and skirt lengths are important for maximizing inclusivity of youths and women of varying shapes and body types. A wide size range and flexibility mean you have a greater chance of rewearing your dress due to its stretchy nature (see #1 above). You can also share it with friends of different shapes and sizes as well!

A flexible range of sizes also means that it is much easier to confidently purchase a convertible dress online and have it fit properly when it arrives.

3. Variety of designs: Many people associate convertible dresses with the classic infinity dress, but there are actually different designs available! Currently, Henkaa offers four core convertible dress designs, each with unique characteristics for different preferences and events.

4. Price: We understand that there are many pricing options to choose from when it comes to convertible dresses. It's worth considering if you are looking for a long-lasting investment piece or just something for a single event. It's also important to be aware of factors like where the dress is made and whether ethical considerations, such as fair wages and good working conditions for employees, are important to you.

The overall quality of the dress, its construction, and the type of fabric are also important factors to consider. These can be challenging to determine from an online site, so it is recommended to read reviews to gauge what fellow customers are saying.

Did you know? All of Henkaa's convertible dresses are made in our hometown of Toronto, Canada.

So let's get to it! Which convertible dress is right for you?

Full disclosure, this is a Henkaa shop where we will guide you through our 2024 collection to help you find a quality piece that you will love to wear, and wear again! Let's get started!

Henkaa convertible dress collection comparison chart

TL;DR Take our dress quiz and find out the best convertible dress for you in under two minutes - and get a special perk from us too!


Our most popular convertible dress is the Sakura which has over 21 infinity wrap styles to choose from. Available in Midi (knee) and Maxi (floor), Tunic (top) length for girls and women 5' to 6' tall and even a length just for kids

As mentioned above, there are 2 size ranges fitting up to size 24. Our Midi and Maxi are bridal party favourites and loved by wedding guests (see how our founder Jo wore her first Henkaa convertible dress). They are exceptionally popular for prom and as choir uniform dresses for performing arts.

10 Most Popular Sakura Convertible Dress Styles


Our Iris dresses are the most popular multiway dress with ¾ length sleeves. Elegant and refined, it comes in a Midi (knee) and Maxi (floor) length, and four size ranges fitting up to size 24. Two of the most popular ways to wear the dress is the classic v-neck wrap dress one way and turn it around for a cowl neck.

If you're part of a bridal party and one more of the crew wants to have sleeves, get an Iris in the same colour as the Sakura for a coordinated look. Iris is also popular with performing arts groups and our Midi length is a great wardrobe addition as professional business attire.


Our Ivy convertible wrap dress is an everyday spaghetti strap dress with an easy and relaxed fit for effortless style. It comes in a Midi (knee) and Maxi (floor) length and four size ranges fitting up to size 24. The simple silhouette makes it a great option for minimalist or casual weddings.

When I say this dress is the staff's favourite everyday dress, I mean it. It's in all of our closets, we wear it for work, for play, for travel. See how I wore my Ivy Midi Convertible Dress every season of the year in this capsule wardrobe challenge. And then you can read about how Gina styled her Ivy and Sakura dresses!


Our Calla features ¾ length sleeves that can be converted into an infinity wrap dress in no time. It comes in a midi length and four size ranges. It can be worn to the office with leggings or a pair of trousers as a top for a professional look. Then converted to a dress with your favourite pair of shoes for date night. Another great option for your everyday and travel wardrobe.