Welcome to our highly requested instructional series of Henkaa's Do It Yourself. This is a brand new series where we will show you how you can do more with less and customize your Henkaa wardrobe all by yourself!

For our premiere instructional guide we wanted to ask if you knew that you could easily shorten a Henkaa Infinity Dress? Hemming our dresses is quick and the simplest way to revive your convertible dress! With the right tools, you could rework your dress without leaving the comfort of your home.

Maybe you wore a Henkaa dress when you were part of a wedding party or perhaps you just want to update your Maxi into a Midi or a Midi into a Top.

These professional tips are just what you need to revamp and impress again and again with the infinite possibilities of one Henkaa dress.

Watch our video below to see the step-by-step process of how to hem a dress without having to visit a seamstress!

Let us know if you have questions or requests for what you’d like to learn next!

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