Henkaa's Giving Back: Remembering Jo

Update: January 2021

Dear Friends,

I wrote the below letter in 2020 in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. I have kept it as is, but also wanted to update you on our current giving efforts. As of January 1, 2021, we are giving back 1% of our sales to the Joanna Duong Chang Memorial Foundation in honour our late founder Jo, to help girls and women reach their fullest potentials.

You can read more about our COVID-19 updates and our commitment here. Thank you for your support and your trust in us to be a part of your special moments.

Stay safe and healthy,


Co-Owner & Managing Director 


June 17, 2020

Dear Henkaanistas,

Henkaa was born out of a desire to empower women while creating a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable fashion space. It began with the idea that women could find freedom, comfort, and joy in the clothing they wore - through Made in Canada convertible, multifunctional clothing that is size-flexible and that be worn for many different events and activities. This is quite opposite of most other pieces of clothing, especially dresses that you'd wear for special occasions, which are often one-time use and very size restrictive. 

The Henkaa team and I are more committed than ever to our values of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability and through our 10-year history, we have not wavered from them; however, the events and circumstances of the past three months - both the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic - have brought into sharp relief the realization that we need to and must do more. We cannot stand idly or silently by.

As a team and as a brand, we will continue to listen, learn, share, and act to amplify important causes.

Today we are announcing the launch of our checkout donations matching program, where you can add a donation of 1% to 5% of the value of your order in support of three organizations we are supporting for 2020. 

Henkaa will match each of your donations and split the donations equally between:

  • Joanna Duong Chang Memorial Foundation - an endowment fund Henkaa helped to establish with Joanna's husband, in memory of our fearless founder who passed away last year. This foundation is Jo's legacy, and aims to create a scholarship at Joanna's alma mater, the University of Waterloo to support women Math majors and seek to donate funds to charities that empower women and girls to reach their fullest potentials
  • YWCA Toronto - while many of us have been doing our part to by staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, home may not be the safest place - especially for women and their children who are experiencing abuse and violence. Donations to YWCA will support their women's shelters and women fleeing abuse.
  • Black Women in Motion - we are committed to supporting Black Lives Matter and we will be donating to this important organization which has a mission to empower, celebrate and support the advancement of Black womxn

We're showing up, and standing up for what we believe in. We're a small but mighty company, and together with you, we can make a big difference! Thank you, our community of Henkaanistas for supporting us and these meaningful causes.

And speaking of our community, and what's important to us, we want to make it known that YOU are important to us. You make all of this possible, and as we approach our 10 Year Anniversary, we will be taking a look back and remembering the celebrations and events in your lives that we've had the honour of being a part of. 

As we work towards making the world a better place, we will also continue to celebrate special days and make every day special too. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us - we look forward to continuing to be a part of yours as well.

With gratitude,


Co-Owner & Managing Director