Infinity scarves aren’t just so-called because they are one big loop, there’s also an infinite number of ways they can be worn - including as a shawl or even a top!

Timeless infinity scarves are always in style - you can wear and rewear these convertible accessories to suit the trends of today and beyond. 

Here are our tips on how to wear an infinity scarf in more than eight different ways!


How to Wear an Infinity Scarf... as a Scarf

The Sydney Infinity Loop Scarf can be worn just as its name implies. It’s the perfect accessory to add some colour and warmth to your wardrobe, and is a wonderful gift for that special someone. 

Wear around your neck in different ways, twisted, doubled, draped around just once, or pulled through the loop for a cozy fit under a coat. These scarf styles are great for keeping us warm on chilly days.

Sydney Infinity Loop Scarf by Henkaa Twisted Loop and Single Twist

We can grab and get out the door in no time with these easy and versatile ways to wear our infinity scarf. Plus, we have the option to change it up during the day if we want to! 

We love the look of the braided twist (above, left) and casual and comfy look of the single loop (below, right). Which look is your fave?

Sydney Infinity Loop Scarf by Henkaa in 3 ways as single, double and class loop styles

Watch the tutorial video on YouTube to learn how to style

How to Wear an Infinity a Top

Yes, you read that right! Get creative and change up your look big time but using your convertible infinity scarf as a cardigan (left), as a strapless top (middle) or twisted halter top (right).


Henkaa Sydney Infinity Loop Scarf at a top 3 different ways, convertible cardigan, strapless top and twisted top 

To wear your infinity scarf as a cardigan, simply put your arms through the scarf so that all the extra fabric is draped on your back. This style keeps your arms warm and is the perfect accessory to go with your convertible dress for that little extra bit of coverage.

To get the look of a strapless top, pull the scarf over your head and loop it around again, smoothing out the fabric to create a bandeau look. Then tuck the tops of the scarf to create a sweetheart neckline! 

If you want to have some extra fun with your Sydney Scarf, put it on just under the arms and then twist and pull the loop over the neck. This look is great for dressing up a plain outfit or wearing as a coverup over a small dress or at the beach when you’re away on holidays.

Watch the tutorial video on YouTube to learn how to style


Want to learn even MORE ways to wear your Infinity Scarf?

You can wear your infinity scarf as a hood or shawl too! Watch the tutorial video on YouTube to learn all the ways.

Did you know? We also have a gorgeous Lace Convertible Infinity Scarf to level up your fit for a special night out, and you can also wrap it in the same versatile ways as the Sydney Infinity Loop Scarf!

Our personal fave is to wear it in the cardigan style to show off the beautiful lace detailing:


This blog was originally written by Sylvia Wong and updated by Sonia Dong.