Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Henkaa ship?
Visit our Shipping FAQ for details on shipping schedules and costs.
Which currency will I be charged in?
Prices on the Henkaa website can be viewed in CAD, USD, AUD, or NZD.

To change the currency on your laptop or desktop computer, click the currency toggle on the top right of the screen. On your mobile device or tablet, click the navigation button on the top left of the screen, and the currency toggle will be in the sidebar.
Does Henkaa offer discounts & promo codes?
All of our convertible dresses, overlays, and Lenaa fabric accessories are Made in Canada using the highest quality fabrics, workmanship, and design to ensure that every detail is perfect. To be the first to know about upcoming specials, VIP shopping events, and new product announcements; sign up for our Newsletter, Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.
Which payment types do you accept?
We accept the following payment methods:

*To use PayPal, you do not need to register for an account. You can pay with more methods (additional credit cards such as AMEX and Discover, debit, bank account, etc.)

Can I change my order?
Please get in touch with us right away to discuss order edit requests such as delivery/shipping address or product corrections. We need to check with the fulfilment team to see if we can accommodate your request. Please be aware that order edits may cause a delay in processing your order.
Can I cancel my order?
If you wish to cancel your order, please contact our Customer Care team as soon as possible. If it has not been marked as fulfilled, we can attempt to cancel it but it is not guaranteed.

If you have already received your shipping confirmation email, please attempt to decline the delivery and if unsuccessful: please review our Return Policy to learn how to submit a Return Request.
What is Henkaa's return policy?
Your happiness is our priority! At Henkaa, we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are unsure about sizes or have any other questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order.

You have 30 days from the time of shipment receipt to return your items. All Intimates & Sale items ending in .98 are Final Sale.

To make a return request and for our full policy, visit here


What is my Henkaa size?

You can find our size chart here. For approximate measurements of each dress, please check the product description of the item that you are interested in.

Try our Sizing Quiz to easily discover your Henkaa Size.

What if I'm in between sizes?
We typically recommend sizing up, however, please get in touch with our knowledgeable and accommodating Customer Care team if you have any further inquiries or need help selecting the appropriate size for you.
Am I too tall for the floor-length Maxi dress?

Our Sakura Maxi and Iris Maxi Convertible Dresses are suitable for heights ranging up to 6' (wearing flats). There are unique styles that allow you to adjust the length of the dress and even shorten it with only styling and no alterations. 

Should you require additional length, you can contact Henkaa Studio which provides more customized length options for Sakura, Iris and Ivy convertible dresses.

Does Henkaa have a plus size collection?

Henkaa's plus size convertible dresses fit individuals sized 14-24. We also believe in equality pricing, which means all dresses of the same design are the same price, regardless of size.

For women sized 12 to 14 with a fuller bust and/or waistline, we do recommend that you consider a Plus size since the straps are longer which allows more flexibility with styling options.

Is there a Henkaa kids/childrens collection?
The flexible sizing of Henkaa's convertible dresses means that they can be adapted to smaller body frames. The Sakura Convertible Dress, particularly the Junior length, is a great dress for children and youth. It can be wrapped around a child at the chest and waist for coverage and snugness. The addition of a convertible bandeau ensures more coverage as well.

Please note that depending on the height of your child, and where you desire the length of the dress to fall, you may also want to consider the Sakura Midi, Sakura Maxi, Iris Midi or Iris Maxi. Our Iris Midi Convertible Dress is very popular for school-aged to high school students.

Lastly, body shape will also determine how each dress length drapes on each person's body. The product description on the product pages provide approximate measurements of the garments to help you gauge which length is most suitable for your child.
Can a Henkaa dress be worn while pregnant?
While you navigate your path as a mother, we'll be there for you at every turn. You can wear the same comfortable, size-adjustable, and nursing-friendly Henkaa dress throughout your entire pregnancy.

As our convertible dresses and tops are machine washable, you won't have to worry about drying cleaning those inevitable spit ups and spills! As a mom, we realize you have a lot on your plate. Also, our apparel resists wrinkles, so you'll spend less time getting dressed when you also have to take care of the little ones.


Are there "How to Style Convertible Dress" tutorials?

Our best advice is to take your dress out of the package, put it on and play around with it to discover all its possibilities! There is a style for every preference and skill level.

We have the most extensive style video library for convertible dresses available at your fingertips - head on over to our video tutorials library to browse styles or search for the look you're trying to achieve.

What is the best bra & underwear to wear with a Convertible Dress?
Henkaa carries a full line of intimates suitable for all of our Lenaa™ fabric convertible dresses. We suggest wearing our Infinity Bra, which is an adhesive bra designed specifically for convertible dresses, or a strapless bra coupled with our Convertible Bandeau. Some of our dresses, such as the Iris Convertible Dress and the Calla Convertible Dress, allow you to wear a standard bra.

As for bottoms, we suggest full coverage underwear, no thongs. We carry a Seemfree™ Hiphugger Panty and Seemfree™ Tummy Control Brief perfect for a flawless look underneath the dress.

Can alterations be done to the hem of your Convertible Dresses?
Henkaa convertible dresses are size-flexible, allowing you to save time from dress fittings because it will change to fit your body.

If you need to adjust the length of the dress, you can have it hemmed or trimmed cost-effectively with a trusted seamstress.

Sakura and Iris Convertible Dresses have a raw edge and can be easily tailored to your ideal length, with no special machine hemming required — just a straight cut. For Sakura and Iris, we recommend informing your seamstress that these dresses are cut on a bias.

If you're interested in hemming your Sakura or Iris at home, check out our blog post: How to Hem a Henkaa Convertible Infinity Dress

Henkaa's Ivy, Calla, and Viola dresses, as well as the Daffodil convertible overlay dresses have sewn hems that can be altered by a seamstress if needed.

Please note: Different styling techniques, as well as the type of shoes worn, will affect the length of the dress, so please be sure to keep that in mind before making any alterations.


What is the easiest way to choose a convertible dress?
Take Henkaa's Dress Type Quiz to find out which product is best for you.
Where can try on a Henkaa dress?
There are 2 easy ways to try Henkaa:

Visit us at an Event near you: please check our Events page often, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media: “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to find out about upcoming events in your area.

Find an Authorized Retailer near you: visit a Retailer in Canada

Don't see anyone in your area? Contact us and a member of our Customer Care team will be happy to provide you with information and advice to help you with your order.

How can I prepare for a Henkaa Pop Up or an appointment with Retailer?

The following tips should be shared with everyone who will be trying on Henkaa's Convertible Dresses and accessories (including yourself)

  • Bra: Wear a strapless bra or bustier with a deep V in the front and a low back. For hygienic purposes, it is best to wear a bra for fittings. Please avoid wearing lace or heavily textured bras. We highly recommend adhesive bras like Henkaa’s Infinity Bra because they offer the most styling flexibility.
  • Underwear: Wear seamless underwear and/or Spanx and avoid thongs, lace or thick seamed underwear. To get a better idea of the ideal underwear, take a look at our SeemFree™ Hiphugger Panty.
  • Shoes: Bring shoes that will be worn during the special event or a pair of high heels of similar height, as this will give you a better idea of where the dress will fall.
  • Other Stuff: Please avoid wearing heavy deodorant and or perfumes. If your hair is longer than your shoulder, bring a hair tie or a hair clip to make it easier to style and see unique back styles.
  • You can also check out our tutorials. Visit our Henkaa Blog to get some additional inspiration and to see why our customers love Henkaa!

    Can I see the colour and feel the fabric?
    We make it easy to choose from over 20 exclusive Henkaa convertible dress colours! Order fabric colour swatches to be mailed directly to your doorstep. Feel the Henkaa difference in the comfort of your own home with no commitment! Order 6 FREE swatches by entering code 6SWATCHES at checkout.

    Wedding Dress Fabric Swatch Set featuring Henkaa's luxurious Pure Ivory fabrics. Order your set today for FREE by entering code WEDSWATCH at checkout.

    Swatches ship for FREE via Canada Post Lettermail (to Canada & USA) unless upgraded during checkout (additional fees apply). Allow 10-14 business days for delivery & add extra time when shipped outside Canada.

    Gift Cards

    Do you sell Henkaa gift cards?
    Yes, we offer gift cards that are instantly emailed to the recipient's email. Our gift cards are available for use towards purchase of merchandise on and are sold in Canadian Dollars.
    How do I use my Henkaa gift card?
    In the email, there will be a code for your eGift Card. Please copy the code and paste it during checkout on the payment page. The "Gift card or discount code" section is located on the right side of the cart.
    Do Henkaa gift cards expire?
    Gift cards never expire and are not subject to additional processing fees. In the event that we suspect a card was obtained fraudulently or illegally, we reserve the right to cancel it.
    Can I exchange a Henkaa gift card for cash?
    The sale of all gift cards are final. Although it cannot be returned, exchanged, reimbursed, or replaced if lost or stolen, it should be handled as cash.

    Garment Care

    What materials are your products made of?
    Henkaa dresses are made from our luxurious Lenaa™ fabric, a premium knit blend. Its four way stretch makes it the ultimate in comfort and always flattering with its soft drape. Our Lenaa™ Signature Fabric is both practical and elegant - heavyweight, breathable, non-clingy, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable.
    Do I need to pre-wash my items?
    Our dresses have very rich colours and this means that sometimes the dye is very concentrated, just like dark wash jeans. Like with jeans, we advise washing dresses in cold water with like colours to balance the fabric's dye.
    How do I wash my items?
    We're all about making your life easier. Caring for your Henkaa convertible dress is stress-free! Simply place your dress in a Henkaa Laundry Wash Bag and wash it in cold water with a mild detergent on a delicate cycle. Alternatively, you may hand wash in cold water.

    To learn more on how to ensure that your Henkaa convertible dress has a long lifespan visit our Dress Care page.
    How do I dry my dress?
    Simply hang it to dry or put it on a drying rack after washing. We advise hanging your clothing up to dry naturally. We do not recommend tumble drying any of our products.
    How do I stop my items fading?
    Wash your Henkaa dress in cold water to keep the vibrant dyes of the fabric from fading.
    How do I stop my items stretching?
    Our best selling Sakura dress features ribbon loops to allow you hang your dress in your wardrobe on a hanger effortlessly. However, for longer term storage, we do recommended folding the dress carefully and placing it in a drawer.
    How do I remove wrinkles from my dress?
    Our dresses have the added benefit of being wrinkle-resistant! However, if a dress is stored for an extended period of time, slight wrinkles may appear. Fear not, we've got a simple solution! We recommend using a steamer or during a shower, hanging your convertible dress on a pant hanger in the bathroom. The steam will help the dress lose its wrinkles and become party-ready for another night out!
    How do I fold my dress?
    Henkaa convertible dresses love nothing more than to travel! Not only do our dresses wrap into small, convenient packages, they also help to eliminate many other articles of clothing because you can style and wear them in so many different ways and for so many occasions. That means you can pack light and save some room for souvenirs from your travels!

    Simply hold the dress by the waistband with the straps facing away from your body, then fold in half towards you (bringing each side seam together at the waist). Now fold/roll the skirt down in 8-10" repeating sections until you reach the end of the skirt. Use the remaining strap length to twist loosely around your bundle and you're off!


    Who is Henkaa?
    Henkaa is a small business with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where our convertible tops and dresses are proudly conceptualized, designed and manufactured 🇨🇦
    Does Henkaa have a retail showroom/store?
    Our retail showroom on Caledonia Road (near Yorkdale Shopping Centre) in Toronto has permanently closed. Our convertible dress collections are primarily sold via where we offer shipping directly to your mailing address.

    For information on upcoming Trunk Shows and Pop-Up stores featuring Henkaa in your region, see our Events page.
    Does Henkaa support any charities?

    Henkaa donates 1% of our sales to the Joanna Duong Chang Memorial Foundation to support girls and women to reach their fullest potentials. Jo's Foundation was established in 2020 by Jo's husband Stan and their children with the support of the Toronto Foundation.