Henkaa Delicates Laundry Bag for Dresses

$ 9.00 CAD


Ever wanted to know the best way to wash and launder your Henkaa Convertible Dress? We've got the answer! Our signature Laundry Wash Bag is tried & tested, and ultra-convenient! Simply place your Infinity Dress inside, zip it up and pop it in the washing machine. No extra trips to the dry cleaners necessary!

Using a laundry bag not only shields your garments in wash cycles, but also helps you keep styling your dress for years to come. Plus, the bag is perfect for delicates like Henkaa intimates!

Every purchase comes with a complimentary black Hair Tie, too. How great is that?

Product Care

Our Henkaa Laundry Bag is specially designed for our Sakura, Iris, Ivy, Calla & Viola Dress Collections, as well as our Convertible Bandeau and Seemfree Underwear. 

Simply place your dress in our Henkaa laundry bag and into your washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water with like colours. When the cycle is complete, carefully remove from the Laundry Bag and hang or lay flat to air dry.

For more information on caring for your favourite Henkaa products visit our care page

Behind the Design


All Henkaa garments are carefully made in Canada by hand in small batches.

We're committed to producing quality products that are made to last while supporting the local economy.

Choosing quality over quantity helps divert fashion waste - because you’ll have pieces you'll wear again and again that stand the test of time.

A photo depicts a person's arm holding a long piece of rose-colored fabric


Henkaa dresses are made from our luxurious Lenaa™ Signature Fabric, a premium knit blend.

Its four-way stretch makes it the ultimate in comfort and always flattering with its soft drape.

Our Lenaa™ fabric is  both practical and elegant - heavyweight, breathable, non-clingy, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable.


All of our products are made in size ranges fitting up to US dress size 24.

We have wider, longer straps and fuller skirts to suit more body shapes and sizes than other convertible dresses on the market.

We test, tweak and refine every detail, and with your feedback, we keep improving them to make sure women from all walks of life feel comfortable in our clothes (and look damn good too)!

Customer Reviews

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Frans T.
Henkaa Laundry Bag

I love having my dresses in these little laundry bags. It’s such a convenient way to travel and bring your dresses along with you and preserve the quality without worrying about your dress getting snagged somewhere in your luggage. Thanks Henkaa for all the wonderful things you come up with!

Anne M.T.

Henkaa Laundry Bag