This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.

If you haven't seen the Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress yet, your wardrobe might just expand soon. Known for its versatility, the Calla convertible dress has sleeves that work wonders - they become pockets, a sash, and halter straps. Here are a few styles we love to wear the Calla Convertible Dress in:


As a Top With Sleeves

Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress perfect as a top with a pair of jeans for work.

Keep it casual by styling it in the Hilary style and ruching the skirt up to make it a top with jeans, or wear it with dress pants - this top will take you places! Draped perfectly to be a flattering top, this is a great way to create a daily look that's effortless and easy to maintain. It's made with the same beautiful, easy to wash material as our other dresses, so it's weekday and weekend friendly.


As a Night Out Dress

Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress styled in an asymmetrical one-shoulder style for a night out.

We love wearing the Calla in a number of different styles, including the Sarah style featuring an asymmetrical one-shoulder look. It's a perfect look for dinner or dancing. Simply tuck one of the sleeves into the inside of your dress, and go about your evening comfortably!


As a Trendy Tube Top

Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress styled as a tube top perfect for a casual day or going out!

Warmer weather is coming, and we're just so excited. One way to celebrate is by styling our Calla into the Tila style - a trendy tube-top look. Wear it on its own or under a light shirt. Keep cool during the day and warm up in the evening by putting on the sleeves!


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