The perfect prom dress style doesn't exist - until now. The Henkaa Sakura Infinity Convertible Dress is the perfect celebration dress because you can wear it in 60+ ways. That means you can get the hottest outfit and wear the dress time after time for years to come and still be wrapped in an on-trend style! Check out some of our favorite prom dress styles using the Sakura.


Henkaa's Hottest Prom Dress Styles

Getting ready for prom is no small thing. More than just a party, it’s a celebration of youth and a rite of passage towards life as a young adult. Every girl’s dream is to steal the show and look her most gorgeous self for her prom.

One royal blue Henkaa Sakura infinity dress, 5 prom dress styles.

If you’re looking for the trendiest prom dress styles to wear this year, we’re here to help.

Prom dress trends are always changing. Here are 5 classic styles using our Henkaa Sakura Maxi Infinity Dress in Royal Blue.



Cutouts have been all over the red carpet this season and for good reason. Cut-outs make for super flattering prom dress styles because they allow you to highlight your favorite parts of your body and show some tasteful skin. The Riri style is a great option if you want to wear a strapless bra because it covers your back.

Henkaa Sakura Infinity Dress in Royal Blue prom dress style, worn in a Riri cut out style.

This is the Rihanna style

One of our favorite prom dress styles, this outfit strikes a balance between bold and classic. Totally suitable for a prom queen!


High-Low Hem

This prom dress style will strike a chord with you if you’re searching for a playful trendy outfit. Pair it with a beautiful women’s brooch to get a polished outfit that is sure to turn heads.

Henkaa Royal Blue Sakura Maxi infinity dress wrapped in Kate style with high-low hem - one of Henkaa's prom dress styles.

This is the Kate style

To get this stunning high-low hem simply wrap the dress in any style you desire, then lift the front of the dress just below your belly button and tuck the excess fabric up into the waistband straps. This alteration in length does take a bit of adjusting to get the perfect look, but you can get the look of a full-length dress while showing off your legs as well.


One Shoulder

The Tiffany style is a classic - the asymmetrical look makes it the perfect prom dress style for wearing your hair in a low side style, like a fishtail braid or a low chignon. Add a pair of earrings, and a bracelet to go with them. 

Henkaa Sakura convertible dress worn in a one shoulder style. One of Henkaa's hottest prom dress styles.

This is the Tiffany style

Put on a radiant smile and finish with a clutch to carry on everything you need for the night.


Sweetheart Neckline

The Love style is one of our most popular styles, with a universally flattering fit, it accentuates your bust and is a simple no-fuss look that keeps you looking timeless. 

Henkaa royal blue Sakura Maxi Infinity Dress worn in a strapless style. Great dress for an aspiring prom queen.

To emphasize your neckline even more, finish this prom dress style with a statement necklace for a look that really pops.


Chiffon Layers

Airy chiffons are so on trend and color blocking continues to rule, so just add a contrasting Hana Chiffon Maxi Skirt Overlay to your look and style as usual. The Lola style shown here is popular for the thin spaghetti straps and looks more than glam when finished off with a teardrop brooch at the waist.

Henkaa Sakura Maxi infinity dress paired with a Hana Chiffon Overlay perfect for color blocking. A great way to change up the look of your infinity dress.

This is the Lola style

Lastly, make sure your date is on the same page & match his tie and pocket square to your perfect look!


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3 Trendy Prom Dress Styles Using an Infinity Dress

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