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On only the fourth date, Kyle pictured Sarah as a beautiful beach bride, and that vision became a reality when the two became husband and wife at Station Beach in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.  


Tell us a little about the two of you?

A Bride's Story: Sarah& Kyle

I am a very spiritual certified art therapist and professional artist who owns Soul-Full Art Therapy. Kyle is a huge leafs fan, who works for his father’s company. We are opposites who balance each other out. I value love and Kyle values joy. We believe in communication and strongly feel it is one the most important things that make a relationship sustainable. We vowed to each other, that we will always work on ourselves so that we can be better together!

A Brides Story: Sarah & Kyle

Humor is right up there can be hard, why make it harder. We are only human, so we consciously aim to bring in humor instead of negative emotions when times are challenging. This even applies when we do things that bother each other, or when we don’t understand things about one another.

We are embarrassed to admit this but truthfully we met online. Kyle went "fishing" five years ago and caught me on POF (Plenty Of Fish). We found out that we had a mutual connection so we decided to meet on the premise that we were both sane ha!

A Brides Story: Sarah & Kyle

One thing I will never forget, was on date four, when we were hanging out Kyle acted weird out of nowhere. I asked him in that fleeting moment what was wrong and he said, "nothing... I think I just had a flash. Like a vision or something. I don’t know. It's never happened to me before, but I saw you on a beach as a bride and you looked beautiful. You're going to make a beautiful bride one day." My eyes were popping as I looked at him, he shook his head, and said, "so weird, no idea what that was, forget about it. Hope that didn't weird you out." Then he went back to making breakfast.


Who proposed?

A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle

Kyle asked my parents for permission and he then went on to make my childhood dreams and wishes come true on Christmas day. The family was around the tree when he made me open a gift - inside was a letter. I began reading it out loud when he knelt down. He asked me to marry him. Christmas was always my favorite time of the year because as a kid I found a puppy under the tree. Christmas became even more magical when someone chose to love me and make me his bride on the same day. The diamond ring was pretty magical too. 


Describe your big day and how it came together?

A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle

Whenever anyone asks us about our wedding, both Kyle and I say, "it was perfect to us." Nothing is perfect, but we were so happy with everything and felt so loved and supported - we were beaming with gratitude and contentment. We chose Kincardine because we both have family there and we love the water access. It's like a destination, but it's so close to home. 


What was your favorite moment or most memorable detail?

A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle

There are so many things I wish I could share with you, but there’s so much emotion and just so much to say. Some of my favourite moments were: God’s presence, family and friends, my large wedding party, my cousin marrying us, our friend singing our first dance song, the authenticity, the love, the joy, the tears, the laughter, the support, the home cooked meal, the beach, the bats, the green grass, my white dress, lots of light, our woodland theme, the late night McDonalds meal, my Toronto Maple Leafs garter, the music, the dancing, the drinks, the beauty of it all and the fun we all had.


Why did you choose Henkaa?

A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle

I loved Henkaa, I first saw the dresses at two weddings I attended. My sister and cousins had worn a red one before and I loved it right away. They raved about them in terms of comfort, practicality and affordability. I then Googled them and went on a hunt for Henkaa Dusty Rose convertible maxi dresses. I was sold when I found them. They were perfect. I'm so happy with how they suited every skin colour, hair colour, theme, style and body shape!

A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle

A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle


Full Vendor List: 

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Henkaa

Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Moores

Florals : Quinn Florist

Hall: Kincardine Legion

Photographer: Whiskey and Wolves

Videographer: Uncle Danny

Hair: Coloured By Courtney (Hair Stylist)

Jewelry: Custom made diamond ring

DJ: Something Blue


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A Bride's Story: Sarah & Kyle Henkaa Dusty Rose Sakura Maxi