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This love story is one for the big screen, which is fitting because Kristina and Remar first met working at the same movie theatre! Flash forward nine years and the two lovebirds tied the knot in a gorgeous summer rustic chic wedding. Filipino traditions were present throughout the entire day, a ceremonial cord and veil tradition during their ceremony and a 'Money Dance' during their reception at Hazelton Manor.  

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Could you tell us a little about the two of you?

I’m a high school science teacher. This past September I started my fifth year of teaching. I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. I think I was inspired by my grandmother who I have a very close relationship with. She was an English teacher in the Philippines. Remar is a field service engineer. He works in the lab automation industry. He builds and services systems for hospitals, medical labs (some that are involved in cancer research), pharmaceutical companies etc.

Kristina and Remar pose for their wedding portraits in the forest.

Remar and I met back in 2011 when we both started a part-time job at AMC theatres (now Cineplex) as crew members. Remar and I had chatted a little bit during our training days, but not much. However, on the last day of training, we had to write our emails down on a piece of paper to receive our weekly schedules. I wrote my name and email down first and Remar saw my last name. He added me on Facebook that same day. We added each other on BBM (it was still cool at the time) and realized we lived 7 minutes away from each other. Not only that, but he knew a couple of my family friends from playing basketball with them for years. 

After this initial conversation and learning more about each other, Remar offered to drive me home after we worked the same shifts. We started dating within weeks and met each other’s families after only a month of dating!

Who proposed? Could you recall the moment?

Remar proposed. I had always made jokes that he was the worst planner. I also told him that I would definitely know when he was going to propose. His proposal proved me wrong!

Remar told me that we were going to double date with his younger brother and his girlfriend. I didn’t think it was suspicious as his brother’s birthday was in two days and I figured we were celebrating early because his brother had plans with friends on the actual day.

Kristina holds the microphone as she addresses their wedding guests during the reception at Hazelton Manor in Vaughn, Ontario.

The plan was to watch a movie and have dinner. I still remember being so tired from work that day and actually being a bit cranky in the car on the way there. I think my exact words to him were “if this movie is boring, I may just fall asleep.”

I clearly did not put anything together. We were watching the movie at the theatre where we first met. He was being very strange as we were walking up to the theatre. When we saw his brother, he asked him to take a picture in the centre of the entertainment complex. Still thinking this was weird, I agreed. Once Remar gave the phone to his brother, he turned around and got down on one knee and proposed! After I said yes, we went back to his parents’ place where both our families were there to celebrate with us.

Could you describe your rustic chic wedding day and how it came together?

I know that every bride probably says this, but the day was more than what I dreamed of. Remar and I come from large Filipino families so we wanted to incorporate traditions into our day. In Filipino tradition, there is a part in the ceremony where you have sponsors (family members that you choose) to light two candles and put a cord and veil on you as you are kneeling. The candle symbolizes the Light of Christ, which we both received at Baptism, but are now receiving as a couple. The cord symbolizes that we are no longer two, but one in our new lives together. The veil symbolizes our union and being “clothed as one”.

Kristina and Remar participate in a Filipino wedding tradition incorporating a cord and veil at the alter of their wedding.

There is also a part where we must give each other coins. The coins symbolize our commitment to both contributing to our relationship, future children and our community. We also had to choose principal sponsors that stood with us during our vows. Our sponsors consisted of three pairs; three of my uncles and three of Remar’s aunts. They are meant to attest to our readiness for marriage. They essentially became our godparents and are meant to guide us through our marriage. I loved that we incorporated these traditions into our ceremony and I believe our families loved it as well. 

Krisitna's bridesmaids sit at the head table during the reception wearing Henkaa Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses.

Our reception was beautiful. I was going for a rustic chic wedding and a rustic look and it turned out to be exactly how I imagined it to be, maybe even better. Not only was the décor amazing, but the evening was perfect. Remar and I always stressed about whether or not our families would enjoy themselves. This was really important to us. Needless to say, I think everyone enjoyed the night. From the food to the heartfelt speeches to the partying, Remar and I would look at each other throughout the night and couldn’t believe it was our wedding! As our guests left at the end of the night, they complimented us on planning such a great party. They especially loved the DJ and our dance floor was packed almost until the venue closed. 

Can you recall your favourite moment or most memorable detail?

There were so many throughout the day, but my favourite memory about the ceremony was when I was walking down the aisle. I had complete tunnel vision. I couldn’t tell you who was there at the church. I looked at Remar the entire way down the aisle. At that moment, I couldn’t care less if something went wrong that day. The only thing that mattered was that I finally got to marry my best friend. 

Kristina walks down the aisle with her mother at St. Josephine Bakhita Church in Mississauga.

For the reception, my favourite moment was the ‘Money Dance’. This was also a Filipino tradition. The couple has to start off by dancing with each other. If someone wants to dance with the bride or groom, they have to pin money on their clothing. I have personally never seen a money dance, but have heard about it from family and friends. 

Remar and Kristina dance with money bills taped to their bodies during their Money Dance at their reception.

When Remar and I first started dancing with each other, we did not see a lot of people getting up from their seats. We even told each other that this part of the evening would be short-lived. However, within a couple of minutes, plenty of guests came to pin money on us and dance with us. Obviously Remar and I enjoyed receiving money from the dance, but I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to dance with guests that I may have not been able to spend time with throughout the night otherwise. 

Kristina and Remar dance together during their Money Dance, while their guest dance around them.

Not only did many people start participating in the money dance, but it turned into an impromptu dance party! After dancing with others, Remar and I met in the middle of the dance floor and danced with each other. Everyone crowded around us. They were singing and dancing along to the songs we were dancing to. It was surely something I’ll never forget. 

Why did you choose Henkaa Convertible Dresses for your bridesmaids?

I chose Henkaa because I loved the versatility of the dresses. I always knew I wanted my bridesmaids to be in the same-coloured dresses, but still wanted them to showcase their own style. Henkaa allowed them to do that easily. 

Kristina poses with her bridal party wearing Henkaa Convertible Dresses the best bridesmaid dresses.

I think my bridesmaids enjoyed being able to wear a dress that they could style themselves. My bridesmaids also liked how comfortable they were. They had no trouble walking down the aisle, taking pictures in them and most importantly, partying in them.

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