One Dress Five Ways For the Holidays

This blog post was originally written by Madeleine Villa.

The Iris convertible dress is a great dress for the fall/winter seasons. Often considered the sister of the Sakura convertible dress, the Iris features sleeves perfect for dipping temperatures! Find out how you can style it five different ways for the upcoming holidays.

Work Wear

Wear your Iris Convertible Dress in the Jennifer style and throw on your favourite black blazer. Finish off the look with a pair of black heels or a pair of flats for a more casual look.

Happy Hour 

Take the Iris from day to night by wearing it in the Dotty Style. Add a simple necklace and throw on a Chiffon Scarf

Lounging at Home

Wear your Iris Convertible Dress in any style that is most comfortable. Then throw on a knit sweater of your choice. Finish the look off with your trusted comfy boots and a knitted hat or headband!

A Night Out

Though the Iris convertible dress has sleeves it can be worn as a halter dress in the Laura Style. Adding a brooch to this style instantly elevates the look, perfect for a night on the town! 

Special Event

While the Iris can be worn very casually with a few added accessories this dress can transform into the perfect special event gown! Start with your Iris in the Diane Style, then add a Night Black Hana Chiffon Overlay. Lastly, finish the look with a large brooch. 


Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 


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