6 Ways Convertible Clothes Can Save You Money

Ivy Convertible Dress in the Holly Style dress over boyfriend jeans and ankle strap pumps

You like saving money, don’t you? I mean, I’ll splurge where it makes sense, but ideally, I’d like to save my money for purchases that make sense. Amiright?

Convertible clothes are an amazing option that have recently paved their way into the fashion world and have proven to be a hit with budget-savvy fashionistas. Convertible fashion is great not only because it lasts, but also because it allows for fashion hunters to show off their artistic creativity by coming up with new and unique ways to wear one convertible item. For example, did you know our Blume Convertible Dress can be worn as a dress, a shirt, a skirt, and as harem pants? Yep, 1 dress, 4 options.

In case you need a little more convincing as to why convertible clothes are awesome, here are 6 ways that they can save you money!

1. They’re timeless investment pieces

Forget the days where you raced to the mall every time you had an important event to attend. Our convertible dresses are designed to be both casual and dressy, depending on what you need it for. So put down your credit card and opt for that statement necklace that’s sitting in your dresser or your favourite pair of earrings to add some glitzy glam to your look.

In addition to their timeless design, our dresses are made of the highest quality fabric in order to make sure that they stand the test of time. Wear it, wash it, twist it, throw it. No matter what, your convertible dress will always maintain it’s beautiful drape and shape and persevere through anything you throw at it.

2. Anyone can wear them, at any time

Convertible clothes are meant to save money wherever possible. With that in mind, our convertible dresses can be worn by anyone at any point in their lives. From size 0 to size 24, from petite to tall, we’ve got you covered. Our dresses are designed to fit all body types, and they drape beautifully on everyone. Don’t bother buying a new wardrobe every time your weight fluctuates, convertible clothes look great all the time!

Growing a baby bump? No worries! Our convertible dresses save the hassle of having to buy maternity clothes and look extra cute with a baby bump popping out from underneath. The stretchy fabric allows for maximum comfort and once the baby comes, it goes back to it’s original shape. If only all things in life were so easy!

3. They save you money on your electricity bill

Did you know that clothes dryers account for about 12% of the average household’s electricity bill? That’s huge. Luckily the fix for that is easy, stop using the dryer! Most convertible clothes are machine washer friendly and can be hung to dry. Our dresses love being hung out to dry as it lets their drape dry in their natural position, which in turn preserves their beautiful shape.

By opting for hang-drying your clothes instead of using the dryer, you can shave an average of about $200 off your electricity bill every year. I think that definitely deserves a cha-ching!

4. Travel light all the time

I’m totally guilty of paying extra for baggage because I just couldn’t decide which clothes and outfits to bring with me on my trip to Europe. So I brought 40 pounds of clothes with me, because that makes sense, right? Sigh, never again!

Convertible clothes give you the variety of multiple outfits and looks from a single item. Rather than bringing every pair of jeans you own and 10 different shirts, pack your Henkaa dress and you’re good to go! Another awesome tidbit, our dresses fold up to the size of a water bottle. Yep, you read that right. A water bottle! Say goodbye to the days of packing 2 suitcases to travel and paying for extra luggage. Packing light is now easier than ever with convertible pieces that can last you an entire week without repeating a look twice!

5. They’re wrinkle resistant

Our convertible dresses are made from our unique Lenaa fabric which is completely wrinkle resistant. Wrap it, fold it, mash it, squish it, do whatever you want, it won’t wrinkle! It’s one of several reasons why they’re such a great option for the avid traveler. Once you unpack your Henkaa and put it on, it’ll be ready to go just as quickly as you are.

Here’s an awesome tip: hang the dress in the bathroom while you shower to let the moisture from the hot water work out any small kinks and refresh the fabric!

6. No alterations – no problem!

Most convertible clothes are designed to be alteration free. Our Sakura and Iris Convertible Dresses come with a raw hemline which allows for easy alterations on the fly. Don’t bother paying unnecessary fees for a seamstress, with Henkaa, alterations are a piece of cake! Convertible clothes are meant to be as low-maintenance as possible while maintaining their superior quality. Henkaa is no different. In order to save you money in the long run, our products do not need professional alterations and are easy to adjust if need be.

So there are 6 awesome ways that convertible clothes can and will save you money. Not only will you feel good about spending less money, you can also feel even better knowing that you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by reducing your consumption habits! Now there’s something to feel good about.

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Do you have any convertible clothes? How has your experience been with them so far? We want to hear from you, tell us in the comments!