Hey mama, you won't find a maternity dress here. Not the kind you're used to, anyway! You know, the kind you only buy when you're pregnant, and can't wear afterwards?

Instead, we've got a collection of dresses and each one of those dresses can be worn before, during AND after you give birth. That's right, imagine a dress that you can wear throughout your mama journey. 

Everything changes, but one thing's for sure - you've got a lot going on. This is our way to help make life a little easier and less stressful for you.

For Every Stage of Motherhood

Get a Henkaa dress at any stage of motherhood, then wear it again and again, in 10 or more different ways. No one will notice that it's the same dress - if they do, they'll want one too!Whether you're a pregnant bridesmaid or wedding guest, nursing mom, mom with toddlers or teens or looking for something to wear for a maternity or family photoshoot, we've got you covered.

Our Collection

Our dresses are superheroes, just like you, mama! They're beautiful, resilient and can always be counted on. They can change to suit any occasion and save the day when you're in a hurry to get ready.

Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
"As a mom, I love the way the dresses make me feel - fancy and confident! Even if it's a regular dinner out, I really like that I can dress it down with flats and a cardigan."
— Jennifer

6 Reasons Why Moms Choose Henkaa

✔️ Timeless style

✔️ Wear the same dress before, during & after pregnancy

✔️ Stretchy & comfy

✔️ Save time with a dress you can look and feel good in with a moments notice

✔️ Nursing friendly

✔️ Machine washable, wrinkle resistant - because we know mom-life can get messy!

Maternity, Moms & Minis FAQ

Can your Convertible Dress be worn during maternity?
All of Henkaa's convertible dresses are maternity friendly. The adjustable straps can be worn above the baby bump for an elegant empire waist and the construction of the skirt and flexible sizing allows for your baby bump to grow. Our customers have worn Henkaa convertible dresses before, during and after pregnancy (our dresses are also nursing-friendly). Visit our Maternity & Motherhood gallery to see for yourself.
Do you have a Convertible Dress for children and youth?
The flexible sizing of Henkaa's dresses means that they can be adapted to smaller body frames. The Sakura Convertible Dress, particularly the Mini length, is a great dress for children and petite youth. Fitting adult sizes 0-14, the straps of the dress can be wrapped around a child at the chest and waist for coverage and snugness. The addition of a convertible bandeau ensures more coverage as well. Please note that depending on the height of your child, and where you desire the length of the dress to fall, you may also want to consider the Sakura Midi, Sakura Maxi, Iris Midi or Iris Maxi. Our Iris Midi Convertible Dress in is very popular for school-aged to high school students. Lastly, body shape will also determine how each dress length drapes on each person's body. The product description on the product pages provide approximate measurements of the garments to help you gauge which length is most suitable for your child.
How do I wash & care for a Henkaa Dress?
We're all about making your life easier. Caring for your Henkaa convertible dress is stress-free! Simply place your dress in a Henkaa Laundry Wash Bag and into your washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water. After it’s been washed, just hang to dry or place on a drying rack and it’ll be as good as new! Our Hana and Daffodil chiffon and lace overlays are more delicate and require additional care. Please hand wash garments in mild detergent before hanging or flat drying. To learn more on how to ensure that your Henkaa convertible dress has a long lifespan visit our Dress Care page.

No matter what season of motherhood you're in, Henkaa has you covered. Pregnant bridesmaid or wedding guest? Don't worry about ordering a larger size and altering it last minute for the wedding. Our dresses are size-flexible, stretchy and comfy for your growing baby bump. Nursing mom? We got you too! The Henkaa dress you wore when you were pregnant is also nursing friendly. Bonus: it's machine washable because we know spit ups and spills come with the territory. Mom of toddlers? You're getting ready for an event, but what you're really doing is getting the kids ready, am I right? Get ready quickly by pulling out your convertible dress! Look and feel good with no ironing, no zippers, no fuss. Maternity or family photoshoot? Moms and moms-to-be love wearing Henkaa to remember their special milestones. We've even got mini kids dresses to match mommy. Make lasting memories with beautiful photos you'll cherish forever.