Written by Sonia Dong


Mommy and me outfits aren't just for Mother's Day - they're fun all year round! Matching dresses for mom and kids are super cute for a family photoshoot, summer vacation or just because. 

Below, 5 moms (including me!) share their photos and special memories wearing their convertible mommy and me dresses. From toddler, school-age to teenager, these dresses have truly become a girl and her mom's best friend! Hope you find some inspiration and get some warm fuzzies reading our stories. 



Mommy & Me: Toddler to School Age

Gina & Sofia

Mommy and Me Dresses Henkaa Blue
Gina & Sofia are wearing the Sakura Mommy & Me Bundle in Dusty Blue


As a mom, I love Henkaa because I don't have to think about it when it comes to getting dressed for an event. I don't have to try it on to see if it fits. I know that no matter what it still fits (even 2 kids later) and I can just wrap it in a way that feels good on me that day.

Sofia started wearing her Sakura Mini when she was able to walk at just over 1 years old. I love that we can wear something matching but also I can make it kid friendly. She is now 3 and it still fits no problem which is not like most little kids' clothes!

Even though we haven't had too many formal events the past two years to wear our Henkaa convertible dresses, we've worn them for mommy and me photos as well as little summer get togethers!


What's your fave mommy and me date that our readers might like too?

As a "Covid" baby Sofia loves to pretty much go anywhere and do anything since it is all so new to her. She loves to explore, see new places, and experience new things. I am pretty lucky that a simple trip to the store for groceries counts as an awesome hang out with Mommy!

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Sonia, Arya & Sydney

Sakura Infinity Dress Red Maxi Midi Mini Henkaa
Top left, going counter-clockwise: Sakura Mini Kids Infinity Dress in Ruby Red as part of a Little Red Riding Costume; the same dress years later; Sonia and her girls in 3 lengths of Sakura Infinity Dresses - Maxi, Midi and Mini


My Henkaa dresses were the only things left in my closet that still fit me after two pregnancies! As a mom, I don't want to spend too much time standing in front of my closet figuring out what to wear - especially for special occasions when I need to help my kids get ready too. I may be biased, but I love that I can pull out any Henkaa dress, tie it in a different way for different events, feel comfortable and look good at the same time!

My girls love wearing their Henkaa because the fabric is soft, not scratchy (my eldest is sensitive to fabrics), there are no zippers to fiddle with, and they can play and dance in them. Unlike all the other dresses they only got to wear once, they've worn their convertible dresses for several years now, and will continue to fit into them as they grow.

We love wearing our dresses for dinners, making fun videos together and creating DIY Halloween costumes!

What's your fave mommy and me date that our readers might like too?

We like movie nights with mommy-daughter sleepovers, going to museums or galleries and eating ice cream together.

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Mommy & Me: School Age

Yollanda & her daughter

Mommy and Me Bundle Purple Henkaa
Yollanda and her daughter are wearing the Sakura Mommy & Me Bundle in Dusty Purple


We 💜 Henkaa! My daughter LOVES how creative she can be coming up with her own unique designs. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up so this dress is just the perfect learning tool and fashion piece for her! I love the high quality, colour, versatility, and comfort. 

We loved dressing up for this photo together and hope we can wear our Henkaa dresses out together again soon!

What's your fave mommy and me date that our readers might like too?

One of the things my daughter and I love is getting mani/pedis and having a fancy dessert together! 

Jennifer & Jessica

Sakura Infinity Dress Maxi Midi Ivy Midi Henkaa
Left to right: Jennifer is wearing the Ivy Midi Dress in Royal Blue and Jessica is wearing the Sakura Maxi in Mint Green; Jessica is wearing the Sakura Midi in Royal Blue


When I wore my Henkaa dress, Jessica just went googly eyed and wanted to be like mommy. I put mine on her, and although it was a bit long, she had so much joy twirling around. I bought her a dress so that we could match!

She loves that it makes her feel grown up. She loves dressing to match me. When we have an event to attend, she'll ask 'shall we wear our Henkaas?'

Last Mother's day we went for a beautiful dinner with outdoor seating. And we wore our Henkaas!

As a mom, I love the way the dresses make me feel - fancy and confident! Even if it's a regular dinner out, I really like that I can dress it down with flats and a cardigan. 

I now have several styles in different colours, and we just got one for my mom too, and can't wait for all three of us to match and go out for dinner!

What's your fave mommy and me date that our readers might like too?

I love doing something crafty with her, like painting pottery! Then meeting up with another mom and daughter for a girls dinner.

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Mommy & Me: Teenage Years

Thip & Deslyn

Henkaa Sakura Midi Infinity Dresses Teenager Mom
Top left going clockwise: Thip and Deslyn mix and match their Sakura Midi Dresses in Dusty Blue and Charcoal Grey; Deslyn borrows her mom's Charcoal Grey Dress; Deslyn in her Dusty Blue Dress on two different occasions


I got Deslyn a Henkaa dress because I wanted something where she can show off her own style and could dress it up or down as she wanted. She's been wearing the same Henkaa dress since she was 9, and now she's 15! She's grown so much and it's great that the same dress has been with her all these years. 

Deslyn loves the Sakura dress because it's comfortable and flows so well when she twirls in it. She also loves the colours that Henkaa dresses come in. As a mom, I love that it's so easy to care for and is wrinkle free. 

We've worn our dresses together quite a few times too! We had a nice afternoon tea with some friends and dressed in our Henkaa dresses. We also have worn our dresses to a friend's wedding.

What's your fave mommy and me date that our readers might like too?

My daughter and I have a great time just driving in the car and laughing but the best times are when the two of us go to a bubble tea shop and talk about what's happening in her high school life.


Thanks to all our mommies and daughters for sharing their stories! Hope you got some great styling ideas for mommy and me matching outfits - if you have a photo or memory to share, contact us to be featured!