When summer rolls around, one amazing place to vacation is Europe – with an entire continent of picturesque cities and short train rides between amazing countries, there’s endless things to see and do. So what to pack when travelling to Europe? Whether you’re planning on backpacking through or staying in luxurious hotels, it always helps to pack as little as possible to make traveling easier.

The great thing about packing a mix of basics and convertible items is that you can pack light. Always remember these tips when thinking what to pack for a trip to Europe:

– Pick a color scheme
– Make sure items are all versatile and easy to layer
– Bring wrinkle resistant clothes
– Choose comfortable footwear
– Wear all heavy clothes to the airport

Travel Light: What to Pack When Traveling to Europe

By choosing a simple color scheme of black, white and blue, we can create an endless number of functional yet chic outfits that can keep you looking fashionable while touring around. Check out the outfits below and see how they suit all the activities you could come across in a two week trip to Europe.

Travel Light: What to Pack for a Trip to Europe

What to pack when traveling to Europe:

2 Sakura Convertible Tops
1 Infinity Loop Scarf
2 jackets
4 tops
2 pairs of jeans
3 pairs of shorts
2 swimsuits
3 pairs shoes

What color scheme would you choose for a two-week European vacation? Do you think you could survive with just these basics?

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