Deciding on an outfit to wear for your maternity shoot can be tricky, especially considering that you’ll be looking back on these precious photos for decades to come!

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to create a look that you’ll totally love and that will also stand the test of time without looking dated a few years down the road (remember when shoulder pads were totally in?).

The key thing to keep in mind is that you must feel comfortable in the outfit that you decide on, otherwise your discomfort will show in all of your photos, and no one likes looking awkward in photos. It will also make it much easier for your photographer to get some great shots of you without having to worry about your outfit running away on you or slipping in all the wrong places!

With this in mind, here are 10 tips on what to wear for your maternity shoot to make your decision a little easier:

1. Pick an outfit that you’ll love forever

We’re all guilty of swooning over those rustic wedding photos on Pinterest that have a dozen boho bridesmaids adorned with flower crowns and beaded accessories. However, super trendy items are best kept for casual pictures and events since they may not look so trendy 10 years from now. Stick to a look that’s timeless and classic, leaving it to your accessories to inject a bit of pizzazz into your look. Of course, we definitely wouldn’t suggest doing a black or white t-shirt with a pair of jeans. Think simple and flattering. The perfect outfit will make you feel effortlessly beautiful while still being comfortable enough to wear throughout the whole day.

2. Wear a longer dress

A dress is a great choice to show off all of the beautiful curves on woman’s body during pregnancy. Not only are they flattering, they also accentuate your baby bump and look absolutely adorable. If you do decide to wear a dress for your maternity photos, make sure to wear a midi or maxi dress to ensure that you have enough coverage. That way you’ll feel comfortable enough to move around without having to worry about any accidental flashes from happening!

3. Solid colours FTW!

Busy patterns can get distracting and may even take away from your maternity photographs if they become too much. Stick to a simple colour palette that consists of solid colours to create a beautiful and unified look. Solid colours photograph better since they contrast easily against one another. Feel free to get colourful and colour block as you like. A rich colour palette can look stunning as long as your baby bump gets the attention it deserves. Just don’t go overboard with matching the same colour, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a walking paint swatch!

4. Pick a theme and stick to it

Instead of picking one colour that you’d like in your pictures, think of an entire theme or colour palette to work with. It’ll make it easier to coordinate outfits with your SO as well as create some dynamic elements in your photos. Some couples do a nautical theme or even match their colours to one of their favorite Disney movies, a great idea for the more artsy parents! You can also check out different palettes on Pinterest for inspiration or even websites like for more diverse colour palettes.

5. Consider getting your hair and makeup done professionally

If it’s in your budget, getting your hair and makeup done will make a considerable difference in how your pictures turn out! It’s easier for the photographer to get a great shot when you’re feeling good and it shows. If it’s not in your budget or you prefer to do your own makeup, it should be on the same level as when you do your makeup to go out. The camera picks up every little detail, so make those details count!

6. Bring comfortable shoes

Whether they’re heels or flats, make sure to keep your footwear as comfortable as possible! Maternity photos are usually taken during or close to the final trimester of a woman’s pregnancy when the belly gets nice and round without being too heavy. Some women experience swelling in their feet at this time and can experience some discomfort when their shoes start to pinch them in all the wrong places. Bring comfortable shoes that you know you can last in for the entire day, or at the minimum, bring a comfy pair to change into when the time comes.

7. Feel free to rock your favorite accessories

So many mamas think that pregnancy signals the end of their fashion-savvy phase – wrong! A chunky necklace is the perfect detail to compliment a prego belly and can be just the right addition to your outfit. Don’t shy away from busting out your favorite necklace or bracelet, if you’re saving them for a special occasion than this is definitely the right one!

8. Bring two outfits

Switch it up and bring both a dressy outfit, and a casual outfit. That way you’ll have something comfier to change into and it’ll also give you more variety once your pictures come in. If you choose to wear a convertible dress, try switching up your styles to add some new looks in your photographs.

9. Choose clothing with texture

Add texture to your outfit to make your look more dynamic and interesting. Try playing around with lace or velvet, or get your SO to wear corduroy pants or a tweed jacket. Playing with textures adds dimension to a photo and forces the viewer’s eye to explore the entire canvas. Take advantage of the opportunity and play around with whatever you feel comfortable in.

10. Consider the colour palette

If you’re planning on taking your maternity photos at home, make sure to consider the colour palette you have in your house. Take a look at the colours on the wall and throughout your decor and think about which colours would best compliment them. If you have a neutral palette consisting of grey, brown, or even cream colours, deep jewel tones pair best with these shades such as burgundy wine, deep forest green, or even midnight blue. If you have a more lively palette with bold accent colours, consider wearing a bright complimentary colour to make you pop in the photos! 

Don’t forget to talk to your photographer about any suggestions she or he might have for the specific location you’ve selected for your shoot.

Most importantly, make sure to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Pregnancy is an unforgettable journey, so take the time to plan your outfit to make sure that you’re happy with the final result. 

Already did your maternity photos? Share your tips with us and mothers-to-be! We’d love to hear from you.