Oh my gosh - is it May already?

With beautiful blooms popping up in everyone's garden and the fresh smell of spring permeating through the air, we know that this means that a very special holiday is just around the corner - Mothers Day.

Whether you're expecting your first kiddo or have 3 little munchkins running around, we've put together some Mothers Day outfit ideas for all you mamas who still love to look good and feel fabulous, all while staying as comfy as possible.

 5 mothers day outfit ideas for any occasion: woman wearing a pink Henkaa convertible dress, sunglasses, a cardigan, and a summer hat.


Traveling in Style

Heading to Disneyland with the little ones? We've got just the dress for you! The Calla Convertible Long Sleeve Midi Wrap Dress is a great choice if you love having a fashionable flair to your look. For this Mother's day outfit idea, just tie your Calla in the Tyra Style like Jo did to accent your waist and give a cute little bow effect that will hide any bumps and bloating in the tummy.

5 Mothers Day outfit ideas: blonde pregnant woman wearing a Henkaa convertible dress in dark pink and a dark grey coat on top.


9 - 5. Styled.

Heading into the office? Pair your Iris Convertible Midi Wrap Dress With Sleeves with your favourite blazer and a cute pair of heels and you're ready to go! The great thing about the Iris is that it's nursing-friendly and also features 3/4 length sleeves for extra coverage. Some of the styles you can achieve include sleeves, one-sleeve, and even halter necklines for those warmer summer days.


5 fashionable Mother's Day outfit idea: woman wearing the Henkaa dress as a convertible top, paired with jeans and a blue blazer.


Running Errands

The Blume Convertible Dress is the ultimate shape-shifter with the ability to be worn as a dress, shirt, skirt, or even pants! It's a great option for staying comfy while running your daily duties in style. Tie your Blume into the Phyllis Style like Sonia did for a cute, relaxed top to pair with a great pair of jeans.


5 Mother's Day outfit ideas: blonde pregnant woman wearing a flower girdle and a Henkaa convertible overlay.


The Mommy-to-Be

Pair any ConvertiStyle dress with an airy floral Chiffon Overlay, the perfect addition to flatter a baby bump. The great thing about all of our dresses and overlays is that they are stretchy enough to wear before, during, and after your pregnancy. Forget about buying a whole new wardrobe, save some money and grab your favourite Henkaa convertible dress instead!


5 Mother's Day outfit ideas: blonde woman wearing a scarlet Henkaa dress and a dark grey convertible overlay.


Formal Family Dinner

For a more formal affair, style your Iris Convertible Midi Wrap Dress With Sleeves in the Diane Style to provide more coverage. Top off the look with a Hana Chiffon Overlay and a gorgeous brooch to add a touch of sparkle that doesn't overpower the outfit. If you're nursing, the Iris multiway dress is nursing-friendly so you won't have to worry about struggling with a complicated outfit throughout the event.


Which mothers day outfit idea will you choose? Tell us in the comments! We would love to hear from you.