Every November, the University of Waterloo Alumni Association hosts the Annual Waterloo Hong Kong Dinner for Alumni in Hong Kong, China. It is held to showcase each of the students’ talents, skills, and inventions, along with a display of Innovative Waterloo technologies and a draw for various prizes. Of course, it’s a great networking opportunity for students and staff as well.

For the 2015 dinner, Henkaa was proud to donate a Burgundy Wine Sakura Midi Dress to Jenni, one of the hosts of the dinner. Henkaa also donated dresses for the auction which took place during the dinner.

The University of Waterloo Alumni Association recognized Henkaa as a sponsor throughout the evening and featured us in their evening presentation to thank us for our participation. Many delegates and alumni remarked that they had seen some of the brands showcased before but did not know about their connection with the University of Waterloo.

In fact, our own CEO Joanna is an alumni who graduated from UW in 2004 with a BMath major. She used to work in the real estate industry and had received plenty of recognition. Everything changed the day she attended a friend’s wedding and gained a lot of attention from attendees regarding her dress. Its style had changed twice during the night and people were intrigued with the idea. That was the birth of Henkaa’s idea: doing more with less.

As much as we would love to brag about our CEO, it just goes to show that there is no limit that can bound you when it comes to doing what you love. Joanna was not a fashion designer, but what made her successful is endless creativity and the fire that keeps her dreams alive. It’s okay if you feel lost about what to do after graduating, as long as you put your best foot forward and the experience that you gain will be well worth it. It’s best to stay positive and keep on exploring, you never know what you will be able to find along the way.

Check out Jo’s Story for more inspiration and an in depth look at Henkaa’s vision.

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