Jo's Story

"Jo's Story

Henkaa is a brand founded on change. Growing up economically challenged, doing more with less, being resourceful and embracing opportunities was ingrained in me. It is with this inspiration that I proudly present, Henkaa's very first ConvertiStyle™ Collection and entrepreneurial Stylist opportunity in the United States. Henkaa is an absolute labor of love and a true testament that anything is possible if you follow your dreams. - xo Jo


Joanna Duong-Chang (or "Jo" as she is often referred to) is the Founder & CEO of Henkaa, she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Math, Business and Systems Management degree from the University of Waterloo and experienced a successful career in sales at Dell Financial, Xerox and Real Estate before starting Henkaa in 2009.

Henkaa is the unification of all Jo's loves in life - people, technology, fashion and sales and she has relied on her background, instinct and experience to drive the business forward.

In 2013, the company made the 15th spot on the prestigious PROFIT HOT 50 ranking of Canada's top growth companies and Joanna also made the PROFIT Chatelaine W100 list of Canada's top female entrepreneurs.

Chatelines Profit W100 Profit Magazine 15th Fastest Growing Small Business 2012

The Journey

Bond Love Work

As an Aunt to 12 nieces and nephews and a recent new mom herself, Jo has witnessed and is discovering first hand the challenge of juggling a career, running a business and raising kids - which helped give her the idea to launch Henkaa into direct sales.

While the Henkaa journey has been amazing thus far, Jo is most excited and passionate about being able to provide women an entrepreneurial opportunity to earn a flexible income, develop professionally and make a difference in their lives. Through Henkaa, she hopes to encourage women to do more with less, embrace positive change, create opportunity and most importantly, make a dent in the universe, one Style and one Stylist at a time.

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