Happy Thanksgiving, Henkaanistas! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. We love celebrating all we are thankful for, surrounded by everyone we love. Plus, the delicious food makes it all the better. Showing gratitude shouldn’t just be reserved for Thanksgiving. Here are our favorite ways to practice gratitude, all year round!

Let the people in your life know how important they are


When was the last time you let your loved ones know how grateful you are for them? It’s a simple task we often forget. Not only does it make them feel valued, it helps you see the positivity that surrounds you. A simple thank you, hug or a gift are all wonderful ways to show this!

Be Present

We are all at fault for answering texts, and updating our social media accounts around our loved ones. This keeps you from enjoying the “right now” but also makes those around you feel like you’re not actually there. Show them how much you care, and stay engaged! There’s so much beauty around you, enjoy it with those you love - with no distractions.

Treat everyone around you equally

This is something we stand by at Henkaa - loving everyone and treating everyone equally, because that’s what they deserve. Ensuring that our products fit every type of Henkaanista, and making them feel special. We also have equality pricing, ensuring that all our dresses are the same price, despite size.

Stand for equality and respect everyone around you. Remember the old phrase your parents would tell you - “treat everyone how you wish to be treated”. This simple practice shows you how much value each individual has.

We appreciate you. And, we’d like to show you just how much with free Canada-wide shipping on our entire collection now until October 9th. Happy Thanksgiving!

Embrace Change, Henkaanistas 💖