In the years leading up to Henkaa’s founding, Jo was a bridesmaid or a guest at a wedding countless times. She was spending way too much on one-time use outfits and found it challenging to find clothing that suited everyone’s body type, size and personal style. 

Jo created Henkaa to drastically reduce the number of bridesmaids and special occasion dresses collecting dust in closets, never to be seen again. 

Jo wore her first Henkaa convertible dress in 2009 as a guest to our Managing Director Sonia's wedding. Purple was popular that year - another person at her table was wearing a non-convertible dress in the same shade and in the same style too. Jo promptly changed her dress style and came back with a whole new dress - problem solved! 

Ten years later and after Henkaa has helped countless women discover the freedom and opportunities that convertible clothing provides, and is recognized as a body-positive brand that uplifts women with clothing that looks and feels great. 

Henkaa is based in Toronto, Canada, where all of our dresses are handmade with love.