Infinite possibilities of styling your Henkaa dress makes for a fun evening of testing out tutorials with your girlfriends. The process of experimenting with your new dress is exciting, we know because we’ve spent countless hours testing styles out ourselves! Looking at how others style their dress is something we love to see. It’s also perfect to take a peek at the #Henkaa hashtag when needing some inspiration for your upcoming event. Keep reading to see the perfect places to share, and get inspiration!



Our tutorials on our website are perfect for mastering classic styles that are flattering for all types of bodies. They’re simple, easy to follow and can help you understand the basics of Henkaa styling opportunities. Once you get the hang of these styles, and make them your own, share them within the Henkaa community by using the #Henkaa hashtag on all our social platforms!


Our Instagram is home for seeing how Henkaanistas are wearing their dresses. From bridal to choir, our diverse and beautiful community comes alive there. It’s a friendly, inclusive place to browse and stay inspired. We also keep you up to date on new releases, promotions and Henkaa events through our posts and Instagram stories!


We’re obsessed with Pinterest. Known for its endless scrolling, beautiful imagery and relatable inspiration, our Pinterest boards are no different. You’ll get lost in all the pinning, and scrolling of everything Henkaa related. We have boards for each color, specific events, and how accessorize. Perfect place to share and pick up ideas on how to style your dress.

The best inspiration comes from seeing how other Henkaanistas are strutting their Henkaa dresses. Keep sharing, and tagging #Henkaa so we can see all your stunning creativity!

Embrace Change, Henkaanista’s 💖