Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) looks flawless both on screen and on the red carpet. Check out how you can steal their style using a Henkaa Sakura Convertible Dress and Hana Chiffon Overlay Skirt and a bit of creativity!

We decided to recreate her 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party look. How beautiful is that Galvan dress on Sophie? It hits her in all the right places and accentuates her gorgeous figure.

Here’s a super simple guide on how to steal Sophie Turner’s classy and seductive look from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party using a Sakura convertible dress and a Hana chiffon overlay!

What you’ll need:

Henkaa Royal Blue Maxi Convertible Infinity Dress


    Find out how to steal Sophie Turner's Vanity Fair Oscar Party outfit using just a convertible dress and chiffon overlay on the Henkaa blog!
    1. Start by putting your Hana Maxi Convertible Skirt Overlay over top of your Sakura Midi Dress, letting it sit comfortably on your waistline
    2. Twist your dress around so that it sits backwards on your body. The straps of the dress should be in the back, rather than the front
    3. Cross the straps and bring them over your shoulders to the front
    4. Tie a knot in the straps and let the knot sit just below your neck, wherever feels comfortable for you
    5. Tuck the remainder of the straps into the dress, making sure to adjust them so that they cover the bust. Use Styling Body Tape as necessary to secure the straps in place
    6. You’re all done! Brace yourselves…Game of Thrones is coming! 

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    This blog post was originally written by Paulina Gugala