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In the week's lead-up to the final season, we are so excited to bring you two more fierce Game of Thrones looks! We did a throwback to Maisie Williams & Lena Headey's stunning gowns from the 2015 Emmy's. The show was nominated at the time for nine awards and among them was Lena Headey's nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Since then, the show has gone on to win a whopping total of 47 Emmy Awards (and has deserved every one)!

Maisie, who plays the beloved tomboy Arya Stark, donned a gorgeous and youthful pink strapless look, topping it all off with a perfect pair of white fur accented heels. Lena - aka the evil queen Cersei Lannister - rocked a deep-v halter style that was a definite stunner and we love how she pulled in that chain-mail-like texture into her gown.

Take a look below to see how we recreated these two stellar sugar & spice styles using our Henkaa dresses!


What you’ll need:


Game Of Thrones actresses Lena Headey and Maisie Williams, at the 2015 Emmy awards. Outfits replicated using Henkaa convertible dresses.

Style left: Jimena, Style right: Annabelle

Sakura Night Black Maxi Convertible Dress

Iris Dusty Rose Midi Convertible Dress


P.S. Did you know your Iris can be used to make this slick strapless look? Check it out!


How To:


Steal Game of Thrones actresses Maisie Williams and Lena Headeys Emmy looks using Henkaa convertible clothing.

Lena's Halter:

1) Start by putting your Sakura straps over your shoulders.

2) Tie your straps together behind your neck in a half-knot.

3) Letting the straps fall down to your lower back, tie another half-knot to make a gorgeous single-bar back style!

4) Taking your straps to the front, cross them over once.

5) Secure your straps by tying a knot at the back and you are ready to go!

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Maisie's Strapless

Maisie Williams 2015 Emmy's dress replicated using a Henkaa Iris Midi convertible dress in Dusty Rose.

*Pro-Tip: If we don't carry the color you're looking for in a popular style online, give us a call - we may be able to help you out!


1) Start by putting on your Iris with the cowl in front.

2) Taking the two sleeves of the dress, tie them behind your back.

3/4) Tie your two Iris straps behind your back - tie in a bow to use up that extra length!

5) Smooth out any wrinkles caused by the double-layered cowl for a fresh-pressed and Emmy-ready look.

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Henkaa Steal Her Style blog post featuring Game Of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Lena Headey using Henkaa convertible dresses.

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