Steal Her Style: Missandei from Game of Thrones Season 5

This blog post was originally written by Paulina Gugala.

As always, the ladies of George RR Martin’s fictional world are endlessly inspiring. This time we’re looking to Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) from season five for style inspiration because she's one of many strong female characters in Game of Thrones that we love.

As time goes on, Missandei’s outfits begin to mirror Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) with matching halter necklines, which is just fine with us because we love stealing their style. Read on below for instructions on how to get her drapey blue dress look.


What You Will Need

Henkaa tutorial on how to make Missandei blue dress game of thrones season 5 costume using an infinity dress.

- Henkaa Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress in Dusty Blue.

- Henkaa Charcoal Grey Sash

- Metal collar necklace or statement necklace

This look was originally styled using a Henkaa Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress in Robin's Egg Blue which has since been discontinued.


How To

Steal Missandei's Style (Game of Thrones Season 5) with a Henkaa Sakura convertible dress & sash! Game of Thrones cosplay.Style above: Gloria 

1. Start with the convertible dress worn forwards and necklace on. Feed one of the straps behind and through the necklace.

2. Take the other strap and feed it over and through the necklace

3. Then guide both straps down the sides of your bust and towards the waist

4. Wrap the straps around the waist once or twice, depending on the length of straps left and tie in a double knot at the back.

5. Take the sash and wrap around the waist, tying at the back as well.

6. You’re all done! Accessorize with a metallic belt if you’re trying to get Missandei’s exact look!

Missandei Game Of Thrones character/cosplay costume using Henkaa Sakaura Maxi infinity dress

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