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by Sylvia Wong

Henkaa’s capsule wardrobe project (if you haven’t read about it yet, start HERE) has been catching on and if there’s anything we’ve learned it’s that everyone has a different approach. Ola decided to start her capsule wardrobe project without having picked 15 items at all. She decided that her daily clothes were already quite targeted and that she could find her top 15 by just starting. She began with her outfits that she would typically wear and she let the capsule pick her. So as she had a daily outfit, she counted every new item and by day 6 she decided knew what her capsule would contain. Surprisingly she ended up with a lot of bottoms compared to the other capsules we’ve seen! Check out her picks below:

The Capsule Wardrobe Project - Pick only 15 items and make 30 different outfits! #henkaa15x30

Ola’s Capsule Wardrobe Project Contents:

–  2 convertible dresses: Calla Convertible Dress in Ruby Red and Royal Blue
–  3 tops: sweater, chambray shirt, oxford shirt
–  2 shoes: ballet flats, plimsolls
–  2 scarves: pashmina, infinity pattern scarf
–  6 bottoms: shorts, skirt, khakis, jeans, leggings, Hana Chiffon Overlay

Despite having so many pairs of bottoms in her collection, her outfits actually really take advantage of the versatility of the  Calla Convertible Dress that you see being used as a top, bottom and a dress!

Are you in? Comment below to let us know!

Check out the rules and learn where to start in the original post!

Capsule Wardrobe Project Outfits:

Follow along as Ola’s daily outfits are updated here:

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Sylvia Wong
Sylvia Wong

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