The Summer capsule wardrobe is an easy way to get started in the world of minimalist closets. It’s a great time of year for dressing lighter, there’s less layers necessary and accessorizing is easy! Amanda joined in on the Henkaa 15×30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge this month too and has been going strong with a colorful summer wardrobe! If you haven’t read about it yet, make sure to read the original post about the #henkaa15x30 and the rules! Amanda’s picks feature classic basics in neutral colors and feature pops of color that make for great accent pieces too. Although most of the pieces look casual, the two Henkaa dresses she picked really dress up some of her looks with the subtle sheen of the fabric! Check out her picks for her capsule below:

The Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - pick only 15 items for 30 different outfits with #henkaa15x30

Amanda’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe:

– 2 convertible dressesIvy Convertible Dress & Sakura Midi Convertible Dress
– 4 tops: 2 tank tops, printed tshirt, oxford shirt
– 2 layering jackets: cardigan, jean jacket
– 1 scarf: infinity pattern scarf
– 3 bottoms: jeans, chinos, khaki shorts
– 3 shoes: plimsolls, strappy sandals,  shoes

Here’s what Amanda had to say so far:
The wardrobe capsule has been an interesting project for me. I love buying new things but I hate having a full closet and still feeling like I have ‘nothing to wear’. My closet is packed FULL of bright bold colours yet I found myself leaning towards neutrals when putting my capsule together. My Henkaa dresses have made it easier because it has so much flexibility when styling and creating different looks. The process has certainly changed the way I shop as I have been looking more at grey and khaki colours; this said, I still love my Magenta Ivy!

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Check out the rules and learn where to start in the original post!

Amanda’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe Outfits:

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