This blog was originally written by Sonia Dong - updated October 2021

New to convertible dresses? I'm here to give you a quick 101 about all of our multifunctional, convertible dresses. If you're trying to figure out which dress to choose or want to learn more about a new one, this is the place to be!

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Did you know, our late founder, Jo's vision was for each item in the Henkaa dress collection to have more than one purpose and to be worn in more than one way? She also wanted the dresses to be size flexible; for instance, our most popular Sakura infinity dresses are available in 2 size options: One Size fits 0-14 and Plus Size fits 14-24.

If you're dress shopping for a wedding or special event, this is big news, because you don't have to spend extra money on dress fittings and alterations. Less time on mundane tasks means more time to relax or have fun. Got a bridesmaid who is pregnant or nursing? All of our dresses are maternity and motherhood friendly too.

Henkaa's Managing Director Sonia Dong sits in an Arizona park in front of cacti wearing her Navy Blue Sakura Midi dress for National Dress Day.

What I find amazing is that our Canadian-made dresses are engineered to be a fashion lifesaver! Knowing that I can pull a Henkaa convertible dress out of my closet at any time means that I save time and stress less. When I return from my event tired, I'm not faced with a tornado of clothes scattered around my room that I now have to clean up (raise your hand if you've been there). Plus, I pack less when I travel because I can create a variety of outfits with just 1-2 Henkaa dresses.

So let's get to it! Which dress is right for you?


Our most popular convertible dress is the Sakura which has over 21 infinity wrap styles to choose from. Available in Midi (knee) and Maxi (floor), Tunic (top) length for girls and women 5' to 6' tall and even a length just for kids

As mentioned above, there are 2 size ranges fitting up to size 24. Our Midi and Maxi are bridal party favourites and loved by wedding guests (see how our founder Jo wore her first Henkaa convertible dress). They are exceptionally popular for prom and as choir uniform dresses for performing arts.

10 Most Popular Sakura Convertible Dress Styles


Our Iris dresses are the most popular multiway dress with ¾ length sleeves. Elegant and refined, it comes in a Midi (knee) and Maxi (floor) length, and four size ranges fitting up to size 24. Two of the most popular ways to wear the dress is the classic v-neck wrap dress one way and turn it around for a cowl neck.

If you're part of a bridal party and one more of the crew wants to have sleeves, get an Iris in the same colour as the Sakura for a coordinated look. Iris is also popular with performing arts groups and our Midi length is a great wardrobe addition as professional business attire.

5 of the Best Iris Convertible Dress Tutorials


Our Daffodil is a 2-piece maxi convertible dress in four size ranges fitting up to size 24 that's perfect for romantic and rustic weddings alike or special events. The first piece, like all of our other convertible dresses, is in Henkaa's signature Lenaa™ fabric while the second top piece is either ethereal chiffon or delicate lace.

This is a great option for the maid of honour if you'd like her to stand out but still coordinate with the bridal party. Our Daffodil dresses are also popular as a convertible wedding dress option, either in Pure Ivory or another colour.

Top 5 Ways to Wear the Daffodil Convertible Dress


Our Ivy convertible wrap dress is an everyday spaghetti strap dress with an easy and relaxed fit for effortless style. It comes in a Midi (knee) and Maxi (floor) length and four size ranges fitting up to size 24. The simple silhouette makes it a great option for minimalist or casual weddings.

When I say this dress is the staff's favourite everyday dress, I mean it. It's in all of our closets, we wear it for work, for play, for travel. See how I wore my Ivy Midi Convertible Dress every season of the year in this capsule wardrobe challenge. And then you can read about how Gina styled her Ivy and Sakura dresses!

Easy Everyday Ivy Convertible Dress Styles


Our Calla features ¾ length sleeves that can be converted into an infinity wrap dress in no time. It comes in a midi length and four size ranges. It can be worn to the office with leggings or a pair of trousers as a top for a professional look. Then converted to a dress with your favourite pair of shoes for date night. Another great option for your everyday and travel wardrobe.

Day to Night Calla Convertible Dress Styles

There you have it! Which dress would you choose? Try our Style Quiz to see which Dress suits you!