As a blogger and a self-proclaimed fashionista, it can become a slippery slope of constant purchases to keep up with the latest trends. Although I now consider myself an aspiring minimalist, it was not long ago that I had a closet bursting at the seams filled with fast fashion fixes and endless numbers of over-the-top statement pieces. The thing that really fuelled a change in my wardrobe was going from living in a home with huge walk in closets (yes, I had multiple closets) to moving into a 600 square foot condo where I now share closet space with my fiance. The complete lack of space for anything in excess made closet-editing an absolute must and that’s when I parted with over 80% of my clothes.

It’s no small feat to throw out so much of a wardrobe, but when you truly look at what you wear regularly, the pieces that are on heavy rotation are really the only ones that you need. I’m excited to be joining the #henkaa15x30 challenge because I think limiting my wardrobe to 30 pieces for the next month will really challenge me to be more creative with styling and mix-and-matching pieces. With the help of two convertible dresses that can each be worn in at least 20 ways, I know I won’t have a problem! Here’s my capsule:


Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Contents:

2 convertible dresses: Sakura Mini Convertible Dress & Ivy Convertible Dress
4 tops: tshirt, tank top, chambray shirt, oxford shirt
2 layering jackets: waistcoat, perfecto jacket
1 scarf
3 bottoms: wide leg pants, jeans, shorts
3 shoes: slides, ankle strap pumps, running shoes

My thoughts so far: even with such a limited number of outfit building blocks, I find myself reaching for my favorites repeatedly and haven’t even touched some items at all yet. I feel as if I’ve already used most of my typical daily outfit formulas, so the coming weeks might be getting more creative. On top of that, I’ll be vacationing soon and packing this capsule with me, so I’m excited to see where it takes me!

Are you in? Comment below to let us know!

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 My Capsule Wardrobe Outfits:

Follow along as daily outfits are updated here:

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