Here in the Henkaa store, we have some albums and framed photos of photos submitted by customers. This photo shown below is an amazing picture that shows the beauty of Sakura Night Black Convertible Dresses because everyone is wearing their dress in a unique style. From left to right, you can find tutorials for the Marilyn, Annabelle, Lily, Love, and Liza… but the last style on the very end is a brand new look! Lately, it’s been the most frequently asked about style, so I finally decided to put together a quick pictorial so you can learn how to wrap this awesome sweetheart cutout style. I’m going to name the style the Alexandria, after the lovely girl who created it! Read on to learn the steps:

infinity bridesmaid dresses
photo by Tara McMullen

Alexandria style infinity dress - new way of tying infinity dress - how to get a cutout look with a convertible dress

1. Start with the Sakura Night Black Maxi Convertible Dress on with the straps on the front. (I wore it with a nude beige bandeau just for extra coverage for the photos)
2. Next, the trick to this look is to cross the straps to the opposite shoulders and pull the tight!
3. Then cross the straps around your back. This style is best suited to be worn with a strapless bra, so the straps would cover the bra at this point.
4. Then bring the straps back over and cross each one downwards over your “sweetheart” again
5. Cross the straps down to the lower back and tie securely
6. Finish the look by tucking the top of the straps into the top of your bra. Ideally, some strips of body tape will hold your look together for the whole day & night!

And there it is, finally! The Alexandria Style step-by-step! What do you think?

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