When: December 22nd (December is one of the prettiest month in Costa Rica)
Where: Hotel Real Intercontinental, San José Costa Rica

coral infinity dresses

The Bride’s Story: December 22nd, everyone thought that we were all going to be dead, after this whole Maya theory haha, so when I opened my eyes I thought, “Oh good, the wedding is still on!” It was a very cold morning, which is weird in Costa Rica especially in December. It wasn’t until 3 o’clock that it started to warm up, but it was so windy that it was even hard to walk, but we end up having a beautiful sunset! All of my girls came to the hotel to get dressed with me and we had champagne and pizza. When it was time for me to get ready I went to a different room and without any reason I started crying like a baby, I don’t even know why, the nerves perhaps. I also had my grandmother come to my room and she said the sweetest words to me, it gave me so much peace to have her there with me. Some of the girls came to my room and prayed for me, which made it even better. We took pictures with the girls, and then the ceremony! The party was awesome, tons of amazing food and then we all danced for hours! It’s funny how during that day you just can’t do anything else but enjoy no matter what. It was perfect.

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It’s hard to choose my favorite moment because I had so many favorite moments, a very special one was when me and my husband met before the ceremony but we didn’t do the first look we held hands and we had this huge palm tree in between us so that we wouldn’t see each other. I took pictures with all of my girls and that was such a special time, we laughed and it was so much fun. And our first dance was unique, we practiced before the wedding but we forgot everything and we just danced like no one was around. I’m never going to forget the way my husband was staring at me, it was unique.

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We went to a bunch of places to see how much it would cost to have dresses done, but it was outrageous and I wanted them all in the same dress color, so it was staring to get hard. On top of that I had a 12 bridesmaids, that’s a lot, a lot… So we all to came to an agreement, and I was trying to find bridesmaids dresses on Pinterest and I saw the convertible dresses, and found a couple of websites but I liked Henkaa’s dresses best and they were most affordable. And the color was perfect! So we choose Henkaa and it was one of my best decisions!

infinity bridesmaid dresses - convertible sakura dresses - coral maxi bridesmaid dresses

All photos are courtesy of T&S Hughes Photography.  Visit their gorgeous blog to see more photos. And a huge thank you to Natalia Santana for sharing her story with us!

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