This week’s wedding was submitted by Henkaa-nista Briana. With everyone in some lovely Peach Pink Coral, this wedding party is the epitome of a summer wedding! The ladies all wore Sakura Peach Pink Coral Maxi Convertible Dresses and the men were in light khaki colored suits complete with perfectly matching ties! We love that the bridesmaids sported matching light blue necklaces and the men were in boat shoes.

Get their look with Sakura Peach Pink Coral Convertible Dresses, and matching tie and pocket squares.

The ladies were wrapped in the following styles, from left to right: the Love style, Aya style, Violet style, Tina style and Lily style with the straps pulled off the shoulder.

What do you think of the Peach Pink Coral with the light suits?

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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.