Convertible dresses are amazing for so many occasions because of how easily the styles can be changed. To add to the already endless numbers of styles, you can layer on a Hana Chiffon Overlay! While the Henkaa Hana collection features chiffons in colors that match the dresses, we’re going for a trendy color blocked style today. Follow along to see how easy it is to shake up your look:

color blocking trend - how to color block with an infinity dress - charcoal grey infinity dress

1. Start with your Sakura Convertible Dress draped on your shoulders (we started with a Sakura Charcoal Grey Maxi Convertible Dress)
2. Layer on a Hana Chiffon Overlay (we used a Hana Teal Maxi Chiffon Overlay to color block)
3. If the length is a little long, just roll neatly at the waistband
4. Continue by tying your dress as usual! Shown here is the Lola Style.
5. Wrap the dress straps to carefully cover the waistband of the Chiffon Skirt/Dress.
6. Tie it up and you’ve got a color blocked look with a convertible dress!

Need to see it come to life? Here’s the quick vine version:


Would you color block your convertible dress?

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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.