Get creative with your convertible fashion & think outside of the box. Try adding a necklace to your infinity dress to create a completely different look. This easy necklace neckline is created with… a necklace! While it adds major sophistication, it’s easy to do and adds some major shine.

Want to learn how to use a necklace with your Henkaa infinity dress? Check out the step-by-step tutorial down below! 


What you will need:

Woman in Henkaa Gold Coil Necklace and Emerald Green Sakura Midi infinity dress for special occasion.
Style above: Gloria

Sakura Midi Convertible Infinity Dress
Coil Statement Necklace


How To: 

find out how to add a metal collar to a convertible dress. Whether you're going to prom, a wedding, a formal event, or just need a cute outfit for a night out, this is the perfect look for just about any occasion!

1. Start with a Henkaa Sakura infinity dress worn forwards. Add a statement necklace that can support the dresses weight. Henkaa’s statement necklaces are specially designed with wide clasps that ensure a comfortable and secure fit that supports the weight of the dress.

2. Next, from under the necklace thread the straps through.

3. Bring the straps down and spread them out at the waist, making sure they are sitting evenly.

4. Wrap the straps around your back.

5. … Then back to the front.

6. Tie a square knot at the waistline

7.  Adjust the straps to your preference.

8. That’s it! You’re dressed up in a neckline that shines!


What do you think? What other necklines do you think you could pull off with this technique?