Fashion isn’t about owning the latest, trendiest items. Having the basics in your closet can take you a long way if you just figure out how to style them. Check out these 3 easy outfits that came together with only 5 pieces! Do more with less & your closet & wallet will thank you.

work to evening look - three easy ways to wear infinity dress


Here are the items we used:
1. Hana Peach Pink Coral Maxi Chiffon Overlay
2. Sakura Peach Pink Coral Maxi Convertible Dress
3. A basic black blazer
4. A simple black tube dress
5. Henkaa Convertible Sash in Peach Pink Coral

Styling Tips:
For the wedding style, try the Love style and tuck the chiffon skirt under the straps to conceal the waistband.
For the work style, the chiffon skirt is simply layered over the black tube dress. Add accessories for more personality!
For the weekend style, the chiffon skirt was lifted up at the front hem and tucked under a convertible sash for a hi-lo effect.

Let us know what you think of these great styling options!

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.