Wedding ideas for spring - aisle decorations for outdoor wedding

There are so many amazing reasons to fall in love with spring. It’s a beautiful time of year, with the fresh smell in the air, the blooming buds and flowers, and perfect weather that’s neither too hot nor too cold!

For all you lovely brides saying “I do” during the spring season, here are 10 expert spring wedding ideas that your guests will remember for years to come.

1. Embrace the unexpected

Let's be real: the pandemic has put couples through the wringer for the past two years and we feel you! Know that you're doing great and that, at the end of the day, no matter how many people are in attendance or what restrictions are in place, your love is what matters most. We're cheering you on! 

2. Choose a venue that offers indoor & outdoor options

Unless you live in an area with mild weather, most of us have experienced the unpredictable nature of the spring season. When booking a venue, keep this in mind and ask how previous couples dealt with unexpected rain during the day. A venue with an indoor/outdoor option is a practical wedding idea for spring ceremonies. It would be a great back-up plan as well as some shelter from the cool evening air.

3. Keep your bridesmaids in mind

Spring weather can be unpredictable so consider a few spring wedding outfit ideas and be sure to provide a shawl or scarf to keep your bridesmaids cozy throughout the evening. A dress like the Sakura that covers their shoulders when it's chilly and switches into a sleeveless dress when it heats up on the dance floor is a great option. Bridesmaids dresses with sleeves can also do the trick!

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4. Bring an emergency kit

Spring usually brings on the beginning of allergy season for many people, so bring a few packs of allergy medication to keep your guests comfortable throughout the day. It's also a good idea to bring bug spray in case any mosquitoes decide to crash the party!

5. Take advantage of seasonal flowers

Consider planning your wedding theme on the lovely blooms available in the spring. Sweet Peas and Peonies are both available in a beautiful array of colours that look great in bouquets and centrepieces. Take advantage of the spring season by visiting your local flower market to see what flowers and arrangements are in season.

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6. Brighten up your wedding

When considering spring wedding palettes, don’t think you have to stick to pastels! Spring is the perfect time of year to add a pop of colour to liven up your wedding. Use a beautiful contrasting colour, such as bright blue or purples, to complement the newly bloomed greenery perfectly.

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7. Pack bridal party survival kits

It's your besties’ job to look after you, so spread the love and take care of them as well! Pack a small survival kit for your bridal party that includes pain relievers, deodorant, body spray, and touch-up makeup to keep them feeling great throughout the night.

8. Plan around long weekends

With all the bank holidays in the spring, try to book your wedding day on a long weekend. There’s nothing better than knowing you have an extra day off work to recoup from a good party! Just make sure to book well in advance, as these days are usually reserved first.

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9. DIY wedding ideas for spring

This is one of our favourite spring wedding favour ideas, give seedlings or small potted plants like succulents so that your guests will remember your special day long after it has passed.

10. Hire a wedding day coordinator

On your wedding day, let someone else handle all of the small details, keep everyone on track, and coordinate with all of the vendors. That way, you can focus on having the most fun possible rather than worrying about whether or not things are going as planned.

And that's a wrap! Check out these Real Weddings if you're looking for more wedding inspiration.

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