Grab your girlfriends and leave your hubbies at home, we’ve got some amazing ideas for Galentine’s Day this year that you definitely won’t want to miss out on!

What’s Galentine’s Day, you ask? Oh, only the best day of the year! It’s a day for ladies celebrating ladies, an opportunity to show your best friends how special they are and shower them with oodles of cheesy cards and candy hearts.

For many of us, Galentine’s Day means hitting up the nearest bar or club and grabbing a few drinks with the girls, but we thought we’d switch things up this year. We’ve put together a list of fun activities for you and your girlfriends that will not only be a great way to spend some time with each other, but will also give you and your girls the opportunity to bond over your unique and quirky experiences together. Plus – some activities give you goodies to take home as a memory!

Here are our fav 2016 Galentine’s Day ideas:

Pole Dancing Classes

Image From Aradia Pole Fitness classes









If you want an extremely intense workout while strutting your stuff and feeling sexy, then a pole dancing class is a great idea for you and your friends! Pole dancing is a full-body workout, it is resistance training and cardio all in one and it will seriously kick your butt. Not only will you have the time of your life giving the pole a whirl, you’ll literally be getting one of the best workouts of your life. Ditch your typical Zumba class and give pole dancing fitness a try, just be prepared for achy muscles the next day! 


Create your own Terrarium Workshop

Image from BlogTO.
We found some super cool classes where you can create and design your own terrariums with your choice of flowers and succulents. Who wouldn’t want to come home with one of these beautiful little things? Besides, succulents are so low-maintenance that you can basically forget about them and they’ll still be fine. Just make sure to give them a little bit of water every once in a while! 

Buy a Groupon for the Whole Gang

Take advantage of the group discounts that Groupon offers in your area. Whether it be a spa day, paint night, wine tasting, or even a cake making class, grab the girls and make a day out of it! It’s a great way to spend time together while sticking to a low budget. 

Make your own Ring Workshop

Even though the majority of us will have a significant other at some point in our lives, the bond we share with our friends is a type of marriage in itself that deserves just as much attention as anything else in our lives. What better way to signify that bond than through your own personalized friendship rings that you made yourself? Look for a workshop in your area and get creative! Design rings for one another or decide on a unified theme for the both of yours. So cute!

Make your own Knick-Knacks at a Glassblowing Workshop

For those of you craving a creative boost, a glassblowing workshop is a super fun way to master and hone your artistic skills while also learning a cool new craft. Make your own unique tumbler, wine stopper, paper weight, or anything else you can imagine that will be totally unique to you and your girls!

Don’t know what to wear?

Check out our Ivy Convertible Dress! It’s the perfect everyday dress that you can wear out for brunch with the girls, or dress it up and take it out for a night on the town. Most importantly, take this Galentine’s Day to show your besties how much you love them and spend some well deserved time together over your favorite bottle of wine!
What other fun ideas do you have for Galentine’s Day?