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Congrats - you're getting married! We've been there and we know it's A LOT of work - so we're here to help. Because let's face it - what you and your bridal party wear on the big day is a big deal!

The style, the fit, the colours, the feel and how the dresses look in pictures all influence your final choice.

It's overwhelming! So if you're the kind of bride who wants to make dress shopping easier, watch this video from Sonia, our co-owner. She'll tell you all about what convertible dresses are and why brides and bridesmaids love them.

Your besties will thank you for choosing a dress they'll look and feel good in AND actually want to wear again.

Our Entire Wedding Collection is Convertible

What does that mean, exactly? Think convertible cars: you can drive with the top on, or you can ride with the top down with the wind blowing through your hair. (That'd be nice for your honeymoon, wouldn't it?)

Convertible dresses can transform in cool ways too. With simple twists and tucks, you can create a whole new look in less time than it'll take you to brush your hair.

What does this mean for your wedding party? It means no one will worry about:

  • their dress not suiting their body type
  • the cost & time for all the alterations to get the fit just right
  • getting a dress that they won't ever wear again

Instead, you can check this off the wedding list and focus on the rest of your to-do's. 

Sakura Infinity Dress

our most popular bridesmaids dress

Finally, a bridesmaids dress you'll actually wear again after the wedding! The Sakura is our most versatile and size flexible convertible dress. Instead of wearing 27 dresses only once, get 1 dress to wear 21+ different ways. Think of all the closet space saved! This dress comes in 2 size ranges: One Size (fits 0-14) and Plus (fits 14-24) so it's easy to find your size. Get it in over 20 colours, including Pure Ivory for you, the bride!


Convertible Wedding Dress Collection

Featured products

The Sakura isn't the only dress we've got! Find out more about our convertible wedding dresses - perfect for a backyard wedding, engagement party or honeymoon. The Daffodil in chiffon or lace is for you if you're looking for a boho chic look. And the Iris is our sleeved convertible dress that'll get that instant wow reaction!

Henkaa Iris Maxi Convertible Wedding Dress

Convertible Wedding Dresses

Henkaa Daffodil Chiffon Dress Purple

Daffodil Lace or Chiffon Dress

Henkaa Iris Maxi Multiway Dress Burgundy Wine

Iris Multiway Wrap Dress


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5 star testimonial from Henkaa customer Kyrai

6 Reasons to Choose Henkaa for Your Bridal Party

What are the benefits? Here's a recap!

  • Easily find sizes for every body type
  • Wrap each dress to suit personal style and look great together in a bridal party 
  • Wear it after the wedding
  • Little to no alterations: stretchy, comfy
  • 30-day returns
  • Machine washable, wrinkle resistant and travel friendly

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