How Henkaa is Creating an Inclusive Fashion Space for Women

This blog post was written by Sonia Dong

In 2009, our late founder Jo decided to make her first convertible dress, and in 2010, Henkaa was officially on the map. From the get-go, diversity and inclusion was important to us - it's been woven into the fabric of our team, our models, and of course - our dresses. 

And the reason is YOU.

Our Henkaanista community keeps us motivated and you help to reaffirm our vision and mission to create fashion for every woman.

You tell us time and time again that you appreciate what we're doing to represent real women - and we will continue to push the envelope so we can spread the message that we're all beautiful, no matter our size, shape, age or skin tone.

Here's a timeline of our efforts to create a more inclusive fashion space:


From the very beginning, we made a commitment to make all dresses convertible, size-flexible and Made in Canada. Our Sakura Convertible Infinity Dress only comes in two size ranges - One Size (fits 0-14) and Plus Size (fits 14-24).


Equality pricing was introduced, so that prices for One Size and Plus Size dresses were the same. Many companies in 2020 still charge more for Plus size clothing, or they don't offer extended sizes at all.


We introduced 4 new convertible dress designs, all fitting up to size 24. We believe that you shouldn't have to change to fit into a dress - it should change with you.


You asked for Plus Size video tutorials and we responded. We continue to add to our IGTV library and you can find the full library on our YouTube channel. 


Canada's Bridal Show introduced their first Plus Size model to their fashion show - which we'd been asking them to include for a few years!


We're adding more content and product offerings in response to your requests - stay tuned!

And did you know? 

Many of our models are our very own Henkaa staff, customers and fans who love our dresses. Our hometown of Toronto, Canada is a very diverse city and we make it a point to show and celebrate this!

Do you have questions about our convertible dresses or want to learn more? Check out this handy guide here.


2015 - We stopped airbrushing models and do not remove wrinkles, cellulite, tattoos. We're still bombarded by companies pitching us to "remove imperfections". We say, no thanks, we like the way we are.

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