When the weather warms up and the long weekends happen every month, it’s definitely time to drive out of the busy city and escape to a summer house! Whether you have friends with a cottage property on a lake or you rent a place with friends, getting away is one of the best parts of summer.

With both Canada Day and the Fourth of July coming up, this long weekend is a great time to practice packing light! Make sure to pack convertible pieces and basics so that you have plenty of room in the car for sports equipment, your food cooler and other fun recreational stuff. Weekend trips are casual, so don’t worry about accessorizing too much & be sure to follow these rules:

– Pick a Color scheme
– Make sure items are all versatile and easy to layer
– Bring wrinkle resistant clothes
– Choose comfortable footwear


Here are all the outfits you’ll need for a relaxing long weekend away!


Road Trip Packing List - Travel Light with the ultimate road trip packing list! Pick your own color palette & pack only these convertible pieces and basics and you'll have everything you need for a long weekend out of town.


Road Trip Packing List

Sakura Periwinkle Blue Mini Convertible Dress 
2 tops
1 jacket
1 hoodies
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shorts
1 swimsuit
2 pairs shoes

Forget the makeup & let your hair down for a while! What kind of activities do you get up to on those nice long summer weekends?

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