Guest post by Claudette De La Cruz:

The Joys of The Sakura Mini Wrap Dress

Gone are the days when I can buy a dress for my little girl without getting her input first. Ava may only be 7, but she has already developed her own style and I have to admit, she does possess very good fashion sense.
The outfits she puts together are stylish, yet still appropriate for her age and well-suited for whatever activities she’ll be partaking in. I give her the creative freedom to choose her outfits for school, but I have to reign in that freedom when it comes to outfits for special events – that’s when her inner princess/Broadway showgirl tries to bust out.

For these types of occasions we end up compromising. I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a dress she will only wear 3 or 4 times, since it’s too fancy for every day wear and she’ll outgrow it in a year. In addition, Ava’s skin like most children’s is very sensitive to material that’s not soft and smooth, so why would I put her in something that will end up giving her a rash?

So there I was, envisioning what kind of dress Ava would wear at her ballet recital. Lots of photos would be taken after her recital (no pictures allowed during the actual recital/demonstration), not just by mom and dad, but also by two of her grandmothers and her aunt.

Add to that, the fact that I knew the other girls would be donning fancy dresses. Talk about pressure. Lucky for me though, I now had an inside scoop on the Sakura Mini Wrap Dress, which is the perfect size for little girls. It met all of my criteria: it was within my price tolerance range, the material was very soft and very smooth, it was elegant, but not too mature-looking for Ava and the best thing of all, Ava had over 20 colors to choose from!
Little girl wearing the Sakura mini wrap dress in emerald green.
Ava ended up picking the Sakura mini wrap dress in Emerald Green, I wrapped it in the Kate with Sleeves Style (with slight adjustments to the front and back to provide more coverage) and it passed with flying colors. Her exact words were, “Mom this dress is so soft. I love the way it feels on my skin and it’s so pretty!”

I simply adored the way the dress looked on her and so did my husband, my mom, my mother-in-law and my dad. My dad even thought it was a custom-made dress. Well if you consider me styling the dress specifically to suit Ava, then yes I guess it was custom-made.

The best thing about the Sakura mini wrap dress is that Ava can wear it for a few years instead of just one, since the dress can easily be styled to hang shorter or longer to accommodate her growth spurts and can be styled to give a casual or more formal look. Great for birthday parties, weddings and dinners out!

Oh, and did I forget to mention? I can borrow this dress and wear it as a fancy top with jeans or leggings or as a swim suit cover up the next time we go on vacation. Yaaaaaaay me! I mean, yaaaaaaay Ava!

Now my question to you is, would you buy the mini wrap dress for your daughter and/or you?

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