Saoirse was definitely ‘Ronan’ things at this year’s Golden Globe Awards (I know, I have a pun problem). The Irish actress made heads turn while she effortlessly glided down the red carpet in her white caped Saint Laurent dress. Saoirse has quickly become known for her daring outfits which are always pristine and on point. She definitely didn’t let us down this time. The deep V-neck paired with the exposed back make for quite the eye-catching ensemble!

  1. Start with the Sakura Convertible Dress facing forwards and drape the straps over your shoulders
  2. Cross the straps across your back and bring them around your waist to the front again
  3. Cross the straps in the front around your waist and bring them to the back once again
  4. Bring each strap up and pull them up through your shoulder straps
  5. Pull the entire strap through and let the excess fabric flow from your shoulders
  6. Ta-da! You’re all set!
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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik