Finding the right photographer to capture all the special moments on your big day is a big decision to make and it’s only half the battle. Wedding photography styles vary drastically among photographers and it ultimately comes down to what kind of pictures you would like to see in your wedding album and what you’ll be happy with. We at Henkaa have compiled a simple guide to the most popular wedding photography styles in order to help you compare your options and choose the photography style that works best for you. Let’s get snappin’!

Wedding Photography Styles: Classic

If you enjoy the traditional, timeless pictures that you would see in your grandparents’ wedding album, then this is the style for you. Classic photography blends natural environments with the formality of a posed photo. The photographer will have a “shot list” that she will work through in order to get all of the pictures that have been requested. She will choose a location and then adjust the angles, background, body positions, and maybe even attire in order to achieve the best look for the shot.

Classic photography usually has the people in the photo looking at the camera as it is a visual representation of that person. It is a photo style where you know you are being photographed, but try to make it look as natural as possible.

Signature Shots:
     • A bride in her wedding dress, looking out of a window with her back to the camera
     • A formal, posed photo with your wedding party, generally all positioned in a row
     • A classic shot of you and your husband (to-be) kissing in front of the wedding venue

Wedding Photography Styles: Photojournalism

Photojournalism is the most popular wedding photography style that we’ve been seeing recently. In this style, the photographer fades into the background while following you and your guests throughout the day. By becoming “invisible,” it enables the photographer to snap pictures that tell a story from a narrative perspective. Rather than styled, posed shots, photojournalism aims to be more candid, capturing the raw emotion and energy of the moment. Photojournalism catches some of the more intimate moments during your wedding day and has the ability to emit the emotions from that tiny fragment of time.

Signature shots:
     • You and your bridesmaids chatting and giggling together while getting ready before the ceremony
     • Your significant other whispering something in your ear while everyone else is dancing
     • Your parents watching attentively while the both of you are saying your vows

Wedding Photography Styles: Artistic

Artistic photography is a blend of traditional photography and modern themes with a focus on composition, lighting, and background. It combines posed photographs with interesting locations, landscapes, and angles. While couples are becoming more casual with their weddings, they’re are also looking for more artistic and unique shots to make their wedding day photos memorable.

Signature shots:
     • A shot of you and your hubby kissing under a tree taken from far away to capture all of your surroundings
     • You and your bridesmaids hiding your faces behind your bouquets while standing along a yellow picket fence
     • A fun and unique photo of you and your wedding party jumping for joy

Wedding Photography Styles: Lifestyle

Lifestyle photography is a spin-off of photojournalism where the photographer will look for natural moments to capture but still set a scene and adjust the background as necessary. Think of your favorite fashion blogger. You know those shots where they look so perfectly un-perfect? Caught unexpectedly while crossing the street or adjusting their sleeve? That’s a lifestyle photo. Pick a location you like and go about your day, and let the photographer do the magic!

Signature shots:
     • You and your significant other walking down the street, talking to each other
     • Your bridesmaids standing around you, admiring you and your dress
     • The groomsmen standing around the groom before the ceremony, having a quick drink and sharing memories among each other

Wedding Photography Styles: High Fashion

High fashion photography is very dramatic and incorporates lighting and contrast in order to achieve the best shot. Photographers with this style excel at making striking yet simple pictures which emphasize the point of interest in the photo. It’s a good idea to select a photographer with a high fashion background, as it takes a professional to take great shots consistently. The photographer must be familiar with lighting and positioning in order to make the pictures as flattering as possible.

Signature shots:
     • A night time shot of you and your husband kissing in front of a car with it’s headlights on
     • You and your bridesmaids running away from the camera through a highly contrasted forest
     • A posed photograph of the groom facing the camera with a light source only on one side of his face, casting shadows on the opposite side of his face

Every wedding photography style is beautiful in its own way, and who says you need to stick to just one anyways? Having a rough idea of what you want will ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page and put both of your minds at ease. That way, she can work her magic while you kick back and enjoy your big day.

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