Kate Middleton has become somewhat of a fashion icon since her royal engagement to Prince William. Her demure and regal style is still chic and classic. Her mix of expensive designer, contrasted by affordable high street clothes makes her look accessible and easy to aspire to.

Her lovely pink Issa London dress that she wore to the Boodles Boxing Ball was a classic that we thought would be easy to replicate with a Henkaa Sakura Peach Pink Coral Maxi Convertible Dress

What You Will Need:

How to dress like Kate Middleton in her Issa London pink dress using a Henkaa Peach Pink Coral Sakura Maxi infinity dress.

Style above: Annabelle with twist waist

  1. Start with the Sakura Convertible Dress worn forwards with the straps draped over the shoulders
  2. Cross the straps across the back, bringing them around your waist and to the front
  3. At the front of your waist, cross the straps
  4. Interlock them by bringing each strap back in the direction they came from
  5. Bring the straps back around to your lower back and tie in a square knot.
  6. Finally, adjust the straps at the waist so they are nicely fanned out, and you’re all done!

What do you think of this royal style by Kate’s favorite designer Issa? Would you wear this simple look?

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.