We were absolutely infatuated with Rihanna in her custom Azzedine Alaïa gown at the Grammy’s this past year. It’s seeming like a lot of designers have been loving the triangular cutout below the bust, much like this dress that Angelina Jolie wore. Rihanna’s stunning number seemed like something we could recreate with a convertible dress and some chiffon, so we gave it a try! Check out how to get the look below:

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This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.


What you’ll need:
– A Sakura Ruby Red Maxi Convertible Dress
– A Hana Ruby Red Chiffon Overlay

1. Start with your convertible dress on. Take the chiffon overlay and slip it on under the dress.
2. Pull the chiffon layer over your bust & turn the convertible dress so that the straps are at the back and coming forward over your shoulders.
3. Take the straps and cross them over your bust.
4. Wrap the straps around your back and around your waist.
5. Bring the straps back around to your lower back and tie securely in a double knot.
6. Adjust the chiffon and you’re all done!

If you’re not comfortable with a large cutout, try it with a bandeau underneath or use some body tape to secure the straps in place! Would you wear a classy cutout look?