Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?
Or maybe it’s Emily Ratajkowski’s look that’s just too hot to handle!

Wow…this may just be Emily’s hottest look yet. We’re loving the racey twist on the classic LBD with the see-through portion on her legs. The Stephen Khalil gown features a sheer skirt with an embroidered pattern which starts heavy at the bottom and becomes more and more sheer as it comes closer to the model’s thighs. The corset-style top makes the look oh-so-sultry, showing off Emily’s petite figure.

This vampy look was a sexy change to the star’s usual Oscar attire, and we’re loving it! Want to steal Emily’s outfit? Check out the instructions below on how to get your own Emily Ratajkowski-inspired Oscar red carpet look.

Find out how to steal Emily Ratajkowski's Oscar Party look on the Henkaa blog!

What you’ll need:
A Night Black Sakura Mini Dress
A Night Black Hana Maxi Chiffon Overlay

1. Start by putting on the Chiffon Overlay over top of your Sakura Mini Dress
2. Take each strap and pull it underneath the corresponding arm to the back (right strap goes under right arm, left strap goes under left arm)
3. Cross the straps in the back and take them back to the front
4. Cross the straps in the front, making sure to go over the bust when doing so
5. Bring the straps to the back once more and tie them securely to finish your look
6. RAWR! You’re ready to rock the red carpet!

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik.